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2022 October 25
1951 aerial image of the Kodiak and base areas.
2022 October 24
New detailed panoramic photo of Ft. Greely 1949.
2022 August 14
New link to Library of Congress archive of Kodiak Mirror Newspaper
2022 August 14
Arthur O. Jensen served on Woody Island during WWII.
2022 May 27
Early Radio Communications in the Thirteenth Naval District Washington, Oregon and Alaska 35+ megabytes of history in a PDF file
2021 July 22
Lt. Edward James Tait) WVCQ OIC, 215th CA
2019 February 14
Report by the navy about Kodiak dated 29 July 2016.
2016 April 7
New information and photos of the Mobile Construction Battalion NINE work in Kodiak during 1958.
2016 March 16
New photo album from William J. Rader, USN, Kodiak Bear editor and photographer 1951-2. 146 images.
2015 December 2
New photo album from Ellis Joseph Davies, USMC, 1947-8 82 photos
2015 November 23
New photo album from William (Smokey Mt.) Pruitt, 151st Combat Engineers. 135 images
2015 September 10
New entire text of 1944 January Ft Greely Telephone Directory - NAMES!
2015 April 4
New pictures of gun mounts 1 and 2 at 155mm Battery 3, Buskin Hill 2015 April 2.
2015 January 26
new photo album: views from 1961 top of Old Womens Mt. by Carrol Adcock
2014 December 27
USCGC Firebush new page.
2014 April 27
New page on 43CB Reuben Burton
2014 January 25
250th Coast Artillery Historical and Pictorial Review 1941 Camp McQuaide California (They manned Kodiak's coastal defenses)
2013 June 24
Two new batches of 1955 USN CommSta photos from Rodger Schwind
2013 June 4
Joe Hacker, NAS control tower 1958
2013 March 12
Don Harms photo album of Sitkinak Island Loran Station reorganized and added to main album index and Sitkinak Island page.
2012 October 17
New photos and obituary for Butch Otto, Kodiak WWII vet.
2012 October 4
New information about the Bill Beaty door episode at the tracking station from Harry Birmingham.
2012 September 25
New newspapers page with good history from the last issue of KODIAK BEAR.
2012 July 26
New page Sanak Radio Station on Caton Island.
2012 June 27
New album: Fredrick F. Davidson 1942-1945
2012 January 15
New photos from Glen Finklea USMC 1965
2011 November 22
New page on the Beachcomber ship, Princess Norah..
2011 April 10
More pictures of 1955 era CommSta on the Rodger Schwind page.
2011 January 31
New page for Chirikof Island and military telephone books.
2010 April 12
New photo album Sgt. Joseph Steven Eorio, Battery D, 250th CA, 69 images
2009 September 7
New photos of Captain George E. Bauch, supply officer, 215 CA AA
2009 September 6
New pictures and text from Danny Jackson, 1964 Holiday beach receiver site.
2009 March 19
New information on a B-18A crash on Sharatine Mouintain
2009 March 13
Over 50 new images of the Communications Station 1955 from Rodger Schwind.
2009 January 29
Over 100 new pix of 1964 tsnaumi in Kodiak courtesy of Ben Guhrke. Two new pix of 1912 Woody Island navy radio station.
2008 December 30
62 new pictures from the Submarine Base 1944 by Rupert Von Fox
2008 May 21
Added Michael Burwell report and picture of Phyllis S.
2008 February 16
Added more images to the Jack Cook album. Loran pictures added to Narrow Cape page.
2008 February 11
More NOJ Commsta pictures from 1979-80 by Jack Cook.
2007 April 28
New 2006 Crab Festival Parade images featuring our museum vehicles including updated to the jeep page.
2007 March 12
Added Annex C, Searchlights to Harbor Defense page.
2007 March 10
Added Annex B, Fire Control to Harbor Defense page.
2007 March 8
New photo album from Max Hellmueller, Navy Security Police 1967-68.
2007 February 28
Added drawings 2b-3b, 5b-18b to Harbor Defense Annex.
2007 February 25
New Seabees page from the 2-volume 1947 book set.
2007 February 13
New USCGC Storis page and non-frames version.
2007 February 7
New RADAR page with great new information.
2007 February 5
More new photos of ACS station on Signal Hill
2007 February 4
New high resolution image of BD-74 switchboards at the factory.
2007 February 2
New high-resolution pictures of ACS station.
2006 December 3
New crash site pictures near and west of Anton Larsen Bay on Sharatin Mt.
2006 November 18 Did 2 days of copying at the Anchorage NARA. This may take a while to present.
2006 September 25
New tsunami and Kodiak Airways stories from Bob Leonard.
2006 September 19
Still fixing many small problems and organizing things.
2006 September 1
Site rebuilt on new server. Many minor problems fixed.
2006 June 23
1964 Naval Station Telephone Directory is online.
2006 April 21
A few new Commsta pictures.
2006 April 18
Three new Amchitka items.
2005 October 27
2005 October 12
New page on vessel SANTIAGO
Re-scanned portions of Naval Operating Base map.
2005 September 21
New page about the December 1942 sinking of the mail boat by a navy destroyer.
2005 May 27
Revised Chiniak map.
New Chiniak history.
2005 April 15
78 new White Alice images from Lynn Saupe.
2005 March 1
Added memories of the Chiniak Tracking Station 1971-3 by Miles France,
2004 December 17
Moved historical telephone documents and Joe's odd interests to this site.
2004 November 25
Lots of small updates and additions including guestbook.
2004 September 18
New page about Albert Knack, Fleet Air Wing 4. Koga's Zero.
2004 September 5
New stuff from Bill Carlson of the 215th CA (AA)
New group of aerial photos of Alaska airports WWII
New maps of Coast Defenses retouched
2004 August 13
26 new FAW4 images Fleet Air Wing FOUR
2003 December 15
Seven more images from Holiday Beach NavComSta from Tom Lawson.
2003 November 29
New photo album from Harry Lomas, AFRTS & Navy Base 1967. More Chiniak Tracking Station images. More Fleet Air Wing FOUR images.
2003 October 4
Repaired dozens of broken links. Restored search engine to operation. Many small additions throughout site.
2003 June 12
New page of structures within the airport perimeter.
2003 June 1
Roger Keltgen collection 215 CA (AA). Alaska Communication System Kodiak 1945 history.
2003 May 13
New artillery photos from George Reynolds.
2003 May 9
More Army diesel power plant photos.
2003 February 18
Several more photos and information on Sitkinak from 1974.
2002 November 30
New list of base structures 1965 with maps.
2002 November 11
Completed 1965 list of base structures
2002 November 3
Panoramic photos of several post war units
2002 October 22
1924 life at Woody Island Naval Radio
2002 September 23
Updated Kodiak aircraft crash listings
2002 June 15
Gopher Band Ft. Greely 1942
2002 June 13
New 215th CA AA page.
2002 June 9
Fleet Air Wing FOUR album initial presentation of 400 images
2002 May 21
FTP access is now restricted. Just uploaded many updates from past months.
2002 March 14
New page of photos from Judie Freeman who's father, Jules Radinsky, managed the Civil Service Club on the base from 1949 to 1953 and the Enlisted Men's Club from 1956 to 1959.
2002 March 12
More information added on Swampy Acres army diesel power plant.
2002 February 26
New page on statewide AC&W sites from info dated 9/1/55. New unit insignia from 98th FA. The guest book is up to 146 messages. New ALASKAN OPERATIONS BULLETIN #17
2001 December 27
Five new photos of Navy Base control tower from 1961 added to top of navy base page.
2001 December 23
New page for the star on Old Womens Mt.
2001 December 11
Current photos of Sitkinak Coast Guard Loran Station and maps added.
2001 November 7
More on US Marines.
2001 October 27
New history of Kodiak naval sector, 1947. Now 318 photos in the FAW4 section.
2001 August 28
Added over 80 more photos to the FAW4 page including some of Attu. Two more Naturalist Articles. Fixed link from UNITS page to VS-70 page and added illustrations to VS-70 page.
2001 August 26
New Patches page
2001 August 23
New 155mm gun information. New 30th Field Artillery history.
2001 August 20
Seven aerial photos of Navy base from 1950 from Daniel Jessup. Six new Naturalist columns from Dave Evans. Update on Chiniak USCG WWII DF station with three new photos of the radio equipment.
2001 July 31
New Naturalist column archive from Dave Evans.
2001 July 28
New WWII photos of Long Island. New CD-ROM availability. New CommSta page. New Kadiak Island overview.
2001 July 5
New article from Kodiak Bear on armed forces radio in Kodiak, July 22, 1942.
2001 July 4
New Collings Foundation Bombers page. Their B-17 and B-24 and Bob Collings visited Kodiak 2001 July 1-3. Revised aircraft presentation on main index and new links on the aircraft page.
2001 June 28
Several new topo maps on Maps Page including Afognak Lake and the 1949 Navy Base area.
2001 June 18
New Aleutians page with Attu pictures and aircraft page.
2001 May 18
New aircraft crash page with recent photos of 1963 P2V crash site and a list of other crashes.
2001 May 11
New Cape Greville page.
2001 May 5
32 new modern photos of four sites in Swampy Acres
2001 April 26
Moved USCG page
2001 April 19
Thumbnails and medium format images added to Elmer Aemmer photo album
2001 April 17
Added 7 new pictures to Swampy Acres page.
2001 April 9
Finished NAS history. Minor corrections to Midway Point page and KL7AF version of the Chiniak Tracking Station story.
2001 March 20
Major additional text (not finished yet) to the NAS history. New section to the UNITS page for NAS Commanding officers including a page for Capt. McDade.
2001 March 1
Six new high resolution aerial views of the base and 30 pictures of the Army Dock from William Julian.
2001 February 24
more pictures of Spruce Cape from 1981
2001 January 3
New US Army Transport St. Mihiel page.
2001 January 2
Added 17 new pictures of the Kodiak museum.
2000 December 29
New Bob Siptrott Chiniak Tracking Station pages. New index section for photo albums with two new album sections:
2000 December 8
We discovered that Armed Forces Radio and TV was in building S-25 on Nyman Penninsula during the late Navy era.
2000 November 30
Added interview with Roma O. Saltzgiver, Battalion Radar Officer, 250th Coast Artillery, Kodiak WWII. Added Searchlight 2 to the Narrow Cape page.
2000 November 5
Added Narrow Cape page showing WWII remains of the Harbor Defenses of Kodiak.
2000 October 10
Added circa 1952 air navigation map of Kodiak Island with radio navigation frequencies to the maps page. New Submarine Cable page.
2000 October 5
Added pictures of original armed forces radio, KODK to the Miscellaneous page.
2000 September 22
Added segments of a map of the Naval base circa WWII to the maps page. Added a drawing of the SCR-296 radar tower to the Chiniak Round Top page. Added EE91 phone to museum electronics page.
2000 September 13
Two photo albums added. Gresham Pace, 151st Engineers. and Elmer Aemmer, Woody Is. Net Depot. Total of 21,836,211 bytes of images added. Site now contains approximately 168,359,823 bytes.
2000 September 3
Three map portions added to Woody Island page showing 1913 Naval Wireless station and 1944 Magnetic Loop and Net station. Also added images of an FAA history article courtesy of Russ Clentimack. Total of 3.49 Mb of images added.
2000 August 22
Started adding JPEG maps to the Harbor Defense Annex page.
2000 August 7
Added 17 photos to WACS page courtesy of Sven Engblom. Added photos of a gun mount at Artillery Hill.
2000 August 1
Added 245 miscellaneous new images.
2000 July 2
Reorganized History of Naval Air Station, Kodiak, Alaska, 31 December 1944.
2000 June 21
New History of Naval Air Station, Kodiak, Alaska, 31 December 1944.
2000 June 7
New Afognak Island page with 9 pictures of the military sawmill. More patches added to the UNITS page. More old Kodiak city views on City history page which was moved to kadiak.org server.
2000 May 24
More links to Corona satellite on Tracking station page. Added link to Military History Timeline from Canadian Forces College to the links page.
2000 May 18
Started entering entire text of Annexes to Harbor Defenses of Kodiak 1944.
2000 May 3
New Artillery Hill photos of Harbor Defense Command Post.
2000 May 2
Added several new items to the museum radios page.
2000 May 1
Revised Norman Glover interview and made corrections to Spruce Cape page. Added link for Air Force Academy's 19th Military History Symposium to main page.
2000 April 30
New Quonset Hut page. New seperate site search page.
2000 April 15
Extensive additions to Spruce Cape page. More pictures on Abercrombie page.
2000 April 12
More links with seperate Aleutians section. Many minor bits of information added.
2000 March 18
Added similar view to the 1941 one on the Swampy Acres page. Added search engine to main index page. Added Deer Point, Long Island page. Added S/L 21 at Piedmont Point to Ft. Abercrombie page and updated some text on that page.
2000 March 16
New page for Midway Point, Chiniak searchlight station. New page for the document Harbor Defenses of Kodiak 1944.
2000 February 21
New page of photos from Don Warner.
2000 February 18
New Museum Radios and Electronics collection page.
2000 February 16
New Spruce Cape page with interview with Norman Glover, the engineer who built the loran station in 1951.
2000 March 11
New page for U S MARINES
2000 January 22
Extensive reorganization of links page with a few new ones.
1999 December 29
Added NOAA photo archive search to links.
1999 December 28
Added a good link on the LINKS page to the harbor defenses of Portsmouth Maine that shows many good pictures of things like those in Kodiak. Updated a few remarks on the same LINKS page about progress at Ft. Abercrombie. Added a link to a wonderful diary of a surveyor who worked here in 1919 and 1920.
1999 December 6
Added CONSOLIDATED SUMMARY OF MAJOR ITEMS OF EQUIPMENT and subdivided headings to include HARBOR DEFENSES OF KODIAK 1 NOVEMBER 1944 on the main index. Added description of a magnetic loop to the Woody Island Page and corrected a minor html error.
1999 November 20
Added link to 43rd CB home page on the units page.
1999 October 11
Added organizational chart of harbor defenses. Corrected minor html error in guestbook.
1999 October 2
Added SuperDARN page Added heating system progress photos to Museum page.
1999 September 23
Added Bomb salvage from "Iron Bottom Beach" page with 11 photos.
1999 September 19
Added photos to Flying Units page.
1999 September 11
Added photo of USFS Eider to SHIPS page.
1999 September 9
Added photos to Flying Units page and VS70 page.
1999 September 4
Added story Nine Months with Captain Bob by Fred Tuxworth, VS-70
1999 August 29
Added VS-48 web page
1999 August 28
Added Naval Flying Units index and 13 text files including ROSTER
1999 August 23
Added 10 modern pictures (30 jpg files) of the USCG base taken from Old Women's Mt. to the USCG page.
1999 August 19
Added six photos of searchlights to Bald Hill page courtesy of Walter Dangel. Thumbnailed other photos on the same page.
1999 August 8
Added photos of ships SS Tanana, SS Mary D, SS Cordova to ships page.
1999 August 6
Added 8 photos from Walt Dangel to directory dangel. Added four of the Dangel photos to the Bald Hill page.
1999 August 5
Added close-up scans nas7a.jpg showing SS Tanana, and nas22a.jpg showing SS Mary D and SS Cordova to base construction photos page.
1999 August 3
Added two views from the control tower to the USCG base page.
1999 August 1
Added 90 WW II Army images from Underwood album and index.
1999 July 26
Changed link on White Alice page to Bill Everly's www.whitealice.com
1999 July 18
Added a link to Hawaii history and changed the name of the shipwreck on the beach at the VFW from SAN DIEGO to SANTIAGO on the SHIPS page.
1999 July 17
Correctons to links on Long Island page.
Added existing Long Island map to maps page. (was already on the main Long Island page)
Minor corrections and map added to Bald Hill page and Isador Island page
1999 July 16
Added photos, Museum page and Panama Gun Mount page
1999 July 14
Added 8 photos and Bald Hill page and Isador Island page to chiniak directory. Site now contains 1147 files, 56 of them html, 32,413,310 bytes.
1999 July 13
begin web site update log.
Changed all .htm extensions to .html due to problem with Linux server and some versions of Netscape.
Added photos of Quality Asphalt Paving progress and new view of base end station, dmc_base.jpg, to Gibson Cove/Deadman's Curve page.
qap99a.jpg and qap99b.jpg