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Serving at Kodiak

Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Kodiak August 7, 1944. A beautiful enlargement of this photo hangs in our museum courtesy of the Kodiak Elks Lodge.

  • Kodiak Naval Facilities: NA34 Naval Air Station, NB57 Section Base, NB65 Submarine Base, NR84 Radio Traffic-Station. Other Alaska naval bases: NR85 Dutch Harbor Radio Traffic-Station, NR86 Sarichef Radio Traffic-Station, NR87 Scotch Cap Radio Traffic-Station, NR88 St. George Radio Traffic-Station, NR89 St. Paul Radio Traffic-Station, NX57 Soapstone Point Radio Direction Finder Station, NX58 Cape Hinchinbrook Radio Direction Finder, NX59 St. Paul Radio Direction Finder, KP133 Sitka Marine Marine Detachment, KP134 Dutch Harbor Marine Detachment, NA32 Sitka Naval Air Station, NA50 Dutch Harbor Naval Air Station, NB58 Dutch Harbor section base, NB59 Sitka section base, NB75 Port Althrop section base, NB76 Port Armstrong section base, NB77 Juneau section base, NB78 Cordova section base, NB79 Sand Point section base, NB80 False Pass section base, NB81 Ketchikan section base, NB94 Seward section base, NB95 Unalaska submarine base, NR79 Ketchikan Radio Traffic-Station, NR80 Sitka Radio Traffic-Station, NR81 Juneau Radio Traffic-Station, NR82 Cordova Radio Traffic-Station, NR83 Seward Radio Traffic-Station, NR84 Kodiak Radio Traffic-Station, NR85 Dutch Harbor Radio Traffic-Station, NR86 Sarichef Radio Traffic-Station, NR87 Scotch Cap Radio Traffic-Station, NR88 St. George Radio Traffic-Station, NR89 St. Paul Radio Traffic-Station, NX57 Soapstone Point Radio Direction Finder, NX58 Cape Hinchinbrook Radio Direction Finder, NX59 St. Paul Radio Direction Finder.
  • U.S. Marine Barracks Kodiak Alaska
  • 7th Marines - In the end of January and early February 1949, 1/11 accompanied the 7th Marines to Kodiak Island off Alaska for cold weather amphibious operations.
  • US Navy Flying units
    • FAW-4. We have received four albums of (mostly) 8x10 photos from the commanding officer of Fleet Air Wing Four, Leslie E. Gehres, donated by his daughter. There are some photos from the battle of Attu. Most photos are official navy. Some are small snapshots. There are some cartoons. They are in the directory
    • VS ID-13 operated as VS-70 at N.A.S., Kodiak, 'till 10 December 1944 when relieved by VS-48 detachment SIX. (From base history)
    • Sometime between 8 July 1942 and 13 July 1942, VSID-13 Squadron (later split into two squadrons of VS-49 and VS-70) moved to N.A.S., Kodiak. (From base history)
    • VR-2 and VR-5: R4D, R5D (Clunk), transports (See base history)
    • VP-1 flew HU-16 and C-54 from Kodiak.
    • VP-42 9 planes; 21 officers and 125 enlisted men that were expected 1 August 1941. VP-42 left N.A.S., Kodiak, 14 October 1941 (From base history)
    • VP-41 patrol PBY
    • VP-42 patrol in Kodiak 12/48-1/49, summer 53, PBM's.
    • VP-43 patrol PBY. (Also see base history)
    • VS-48 flew SBD-5 planes. (From base history)
    • VS-49 Scouting Squadron 49 at Kodiak, Afognak, Sand Point, Dutch Harbor, Otter Point (Umnak).
    • VP-51 patrol PBY, August 20, 1942 --- At Kodiak, Alaska VP-51 Detachment was relieved of all duty involving flying. All of VP-51's PBY-5 aircraft were turned over to the squadron at Kodiak.
    • VB-45 PBY
    • VS-70 flying OS2U Kingfishers. Contact: Bill Alberts liveoak (at) (Also see base history)
    • VB-135 bomber
    • VB-136 bomber
    • FASRON 114 Fleet Aircraft Service Squadron
  • Navy Sea Bees, Construction Battalions, CB's:
    • 38th Construction Battalion, partial history in our archives.
    • 43rd US Naval Construction Battalion, see Bill Blank's letters in the guest book. See the page on Steven Hollenczer for some group photos at Chiniak. Our page on Reuben Burton.
    • 79th Construction Battalion over 75 pictures from Allen C. Tompkins.
    • 79th Construction Battalion Friedrich Karl Johann Taake 1904 - 1996
    • 79th Construction Battalion John Slusser
    • As of 31 December 1944 from History of the Naval Air Station, Kodiak
      -----         ------------    --------------     ----------------  ------------
      12th Batt.    14 Sept. 1942   12 April 1943            965            27
      23rd Batt.     7 Nov.  1942   21 April 1943            980            27
      38th Batt.    14 Jan.  1943    6 Aug.  1943            984            27
      43rd Batt.    14 Jan.  1943   23 Feb.  1943            942            26
      41st Batt.    28 Jan.  1943    3 Mar.  1944           1014            27
      45th Batt.    28 Jan.  1943   31 Aug.  1943           1035            27
      4th N.C.Reg.  15 Jan.  1943   25 Sept. 1943             89             8
      79th Batt.    10 May   1943    4 Oct.  1944           1080            27
      8th S.Batt.    6 Aug.  1943    On Board                483            13
      26th S.Batt.  23 Sept. 1944    On Board                526            16
           The 4th Naval Construction Regiment was disbanded on 25 September 1943 and
      the remaining Army Construction was assigned to the 41st and 43rd Battalions
      for completion while the balance of Navy Construction was assigned to the
      Station Public Works Department, comprised of the 79th Battalion and regular
      station employees.
           On 6 August 1943 the 8th Special Battalion arrived Kodiak to take over
      cargo operations.  One half of the original unit reported to Attu and the
      force remaining in Kodiak consisted of 13 officers and 483 enlisted men.  On
      23 February 1944 this unit was split again, one half going to Dutch Harbor,
      leaving 8 officers and 244 enlisted men in Kodiak.
    • MCB9 was in Kodiak 24 March to mid October 1958. Member Jack Brisbane retired from state highways in Kodiak and is an active amateur radio operator. Jack has shared his Mobile Construction Battalion NINE Cruise Book for 1958.
    • MCB5 was in Kodiak 1956-1959? [ is dead]
    • CB Web Ring
    • Navy Seabee Veterans Of America, Inc.
    • Seabee Museum and Memorial Park Davisville, RI
    • Seabee Historical Foundation Port Hueneme, CA
  • Merchant Marine. They got all the STUFF here!
  • Various naval units and visiting ships
  • Units of Eleventh Air Force
  • US Coast Guard Commanding Officers
    LCdr E.A. Crock relieved by CDR John D. McCubbins (KODIAK BEAR November 2, 1951. CDR John B. McCubbin, Commanding Officer Kodiak Coast Guard Air Detachment pictured in KODIAK BEAR April 18, 1952.
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Fighter Squadrons 111, 115 and 118, Bombing Squadron 8, starting October 1942
  • A Canadian Fighter Squadron,(P-40's) known as the 111th arrived around November 1942 and moved out in August, 1943. (See base history)
  • US Army Ft. Greely
    • 18th Fighter Squadron, flying P-36's and the 36th Bombardment Squadron, flying B-18's, a B-17 and LB-30's were the first Army Air Corps to arrive Feb 1942. (See base history)
    • 9th Ordnance Service Regiment, 9 enlisted arrived 6 July 1941 on USS SPICA.
    • 10th Ordnance Service Regiment, 64 arrived 3 September 1941 on USAT GRANT.
    • 14th Signal Service Company, a detachment of 25 enlisted arrived 16 September 1941 on USAT ST. MIHIEL
    • 18th Engineers, veterans of the ALCAN road project, arrived 19 January 1943, departed 18 March 1943.
    • 30th Field Artillery. 777 troops with 155mm field artillery arrived 30 May 1942 on CHIRIKOF. While researching this unit I have made these notes. taken from a portion of the complete unit history. See the 30th Coast Artillery insignia displayed in our museum and on the right side of this page. We do not have any information about, or the origin of, this insignia. It is not proven to be connected with the 30th Field Artillery.
    • 37th Infantry, 2nd Battalion arrived July 1941, departed 28 November 1942. On 20 September 1941 there were 1036 here. Charles A. Richardson of 2nd bn. has more info.
    • 40th Coast Artillery, Battery A departed 29 March 1943.
    • 65th Coast Artillery Regiment (AA), replacements arrived 6 July 1941 on USS Spica, and more arrived on 23 July 1941, regiment left 3 August 1941.
    • 69th Quartermaster Battalion, 57 of Co A arrived on USAT Grant 3 September 1941.
    • 98th Field Artillery, Brty C, arrived on the Grant 7 October 1941.
    • 114th Signal Service Co.
            114th Sig Svc Co
      	Mr. L. Bittner
      	234 Josephs Ln
      	Pittsburgh, PA 15237-1223
    • 120th Army Airways Communications System squadron
    • 151st Combat Engineers, Alabama NG, 161 of Co. B arrived on USAT Grant 3 September 1941, departed August 1, 1943.
    • 152nd Ordnance Company departed 30 August 1943.
    • 184th Station Hospital arrived Ft. Greely 6 July 1941
    • 201st Infantry Regiment, West Virginia National Guard, had 37mm antitank guns, arrived on USAT GRANT 3 September 1941. 1586 more arrived on W.C. GORGAS 28 February 1942. Departed 23 January 1944 and February 1944. On 20 September 1941 there were 1424 here. PFC. George William Jones, 2nd Battalion, Company G, arrived on the Gorgas with the West Virginia National Guard. Charles Lumb Edwards was in 2nd Battalion, Company H.
    • 215th Coast Artillery, 90mm & 37mm anti-aircraft, from Mankato MN, in Kodiak winter 1940 until summer 1944. more arrived 3 August 1941. more arrived 3 September 1941 on the USAT Grant. Departed 26 February - 19 April 1944. Annual reunions are held in July at Mankato MN. Fewer than 40 attended in 2002. On 20 September 1941 there were 1738 here. (Also see base history)
    • 250th Coast Artillery, California National Guard, The first group of 250th CA arrived 3 April 1941 with 169 persons. The last 12 units left in March 1944. On 20 September 1941 there were 385 here.
    • 260th Field Artillery, Battery B departed Kodiak 5 October 1942.
    • 265th Coast Artillery
    • 374th Port Battalion, Transportation Corps, arrived 27 November 1942, 4 Off., 236 em. Departed 5 May 1944.
    • 401st Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadron arrived October 28, 1942
    • 691st Signal Aircraft Warning Reporting Company, at Lazy bay, arrived September, 1942. (See base history)
    • 716th Aircraft Warning Company
    • 862nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery, departed 2 May 1944.
    • 11th Army Air Force
      • Fighter Squadron 11
      • 18th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor), 28th Composite Goup, transfers from Elmendorf Field, Anchorage, Territory of Alaska to Ft Greely, Kodiak Island, Aleutian Islands [sic] with P-40's on 18 April 1942.
      • Fighter Squadron 42
      • Fighter Squadron 54
      • Fighter Squadron 56
      • Fighter Squadron 57
      • Fighter Squadron 344
      • Bomber Squadron 21
      • Bomber Squadron 36
      • Bomber Squadron 73
      • Bomber Squadron 77
      • Bomber Squadron 404
      • Bomber Squadron 406
      • Bomber Squadron 407
      • 10th Rescue Squadron
      • 11th Weather Squadron
      • 1st Photo Squadron
      • 2nd Photo Squadron
      • Tow Targer 15

250th California

Alaska Defense Command

Alaska Defense Command

Alaska Communications System

USCG Radio Station

On 20 September 1941 there were 5264 Army troops assigned here. Post strength on 31 December 1943 was 8387. According to Federova (1973) and University of Alaska (1974) as published in "KADYAK A Background for Living" AEIDC 1975, the pre-war population of the archipelago was about 2000 rising to 12,000 at it's peak during the war.

The 8th Special NC Battalion was activated in June 1943 and left the States 30 July bound for Kodiak. The Battalion arrived at Kodiak on 6 August 1943, but half of the men were sent directly on to Attu. The Kodiak detachment was designated Section One. (From Naval Postmarks of Territorial Alaska by Richard W. Helbock & Ron S. Dimpsey, 1978) From the return address on an envelope, the Kodiak detachment was "Sec #1 8th SP. Batt. Co. A-3, Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, Cal."

Ernie Fisher manned 37mm guns in Kodiak. Ernie Fisher, of Mansfield Ohio, was a squad leader of the 381st Infantry Division in E Company during World War II.

Navy base Commanding Officers

Seventeenth Naval District Commanding Officers

You can help with additional information for this list and links to any unit histories found on the web. If you know of a unit history that is available on paper, please help us get a copy.

Army information on this list came from two Fort Greely histories. Volume 1, and Volume 2. Navy information is from a microfilm roll dated 1941-1957.

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