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Allen C. Tompkins, 79th Construction Battalion

Downtown Kodiak street
, Ships Tavern, jeep, snow on mtn., 117kb

Downtown Kodiak street

Three servicemen
, Tompkins on right with pipe, 64kb

Barometer Mt.

Anton Larsen pass Ski Chalet

Salmon run

Russian church

Postcard bear

Helsel's Photo store

Olivia de Havilland
in Kodiak 113kb

79th's officers

Lyric Theater
Sleepytime Gal playing 108kb

O. Kraft & Son Store

Dog sled team


Bank of Kodiak
with military vehicle 102kb


Lt. W. W. Shoemaker
Lt. F. J. Sharpe
Lt. Comdr. V. A. Vollmer
Lt. Comdr. A. T. Brown
Lt. Comdr. B. S. Androsky
Lt. R. S. Hess
Lt. (jg) J. T. Armstrong
Lt. Wallace Blake
Lt. (jg) T. H. Makin
W.O. F.M. Stellhorn
Ens. F. A. Dieter
Ens. G. C. Thomas
Ens. P. L. Baffes
Lt. (jg) D. J. Pipal
W.O. W.W. Cooper
Lt. (jg) M. L. Levin
Lt. (jg) F. X. Carlin
Lt. (jg) S. J. Boyle
Ens. R. W. Dean
W.O. J.E. Haberacker
Ens. J.P. Demeter
Lt. (jg) W. R. Kramer
Lt. (jg) Stephen Canonico
W.O. H.A. Hart
Lt. (jg) T. M. Hannan

From: Tompkins, Deborah D. tompkinsak3 (at) [updated 1/7/02] Subject: photos from the 79th CB Batallion Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 10:54:40 -0600 [updated 1/7/02] Dear Curt and/or Joe: My husband and I visited Kodiak this summer and spoke to one of you at the Military Museum about our grandfather. He was stationed there with the 79th CB Batallion in 1943. You mentioned your online museum and the need for pictures from the CB's. I'm attaching some here from our grandfather, Allen C. Tompkins. We would love to see these photos placed on your website so that we can show them to grandpa online. There will probably be more to come once we have a chance to visit with him in Colorado one of these days. Please take a look at the photos. If they are not in a format you can use, let me know what you need. Once the photos have been placed in the online museum, please let me know so I can share them with grandpa. And, if there are specific photos you'd like to see more of, let me know that, too. I'll see what grandpa has along those lines. I look forward to hearing from you soon. p.s. In the photo marked "Three Men," our grandpa is the one on the right with the pipe. Thanks so much, Deborah D. Tompkins
* (Note: If largest photo version doesn't load, it may be only available on our CD-ROM of the website.)

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