Basic Circuits


Certain basic relay combinations and characteristics achieve specific circuit results in telephony. These basic circuits have become the building blocks of automatic telephone switching. Adaptable to other automated tasks, they are finding new and increasing use in industry every day. This book depicts a few such basic circuits.

We recommend that the information in this book be used only as a guide to determine the availability of a circuit and its components. Remember, even the best and most time proven circuit may fail because of the wrong choice of equipment. For this reason we make no attempt to define specific electical parameters or component values.

Automatic Electric pioneered automatic telephone switching more than 60 years ago. Along with our growth in telephony, we have designed and furnished relays and switches for many industrial applications, making us uniquely qualified to advise our customers.

Our service extends to the expert engineering and manufacture of entire control systems. Call on our experienced staff engineers and salesmen to help you with control circuitry, engineering details, and component selection. If you prefer, address requests for such guidance to the home office: Automatic Electric Company, Director, Control Equipment Sales, Northlake, Illinois.

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