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Kodiak Alaska Military History

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This uses standard Google search rules. COAST GUARD will not find USCG. This site only deals with KODIAK. Off topic searches will probably fail. After the page that you found loads, use the search feature in your browser to find the word on the page. In Netscape it's CTRL F.

Some search results:

 3	coast guard
 2	gun mounts
 2	photos of weapons   [not literal enough]
 1	key battles         [a concept, not literal]
 1	kenya               [not Kodiak related]
 1	Kranz
 1	gold ruch
 1	gold rush           [not Kodiak]
 1	state of alaska flag [try just FLAG, but you won't find it here]
 1	ww 2                [also try WWII]
 1	PX
 1	Music during World War II    [just MUSIC would be better]
 1	battle of britain      {not Kodiak]
 1	battle of ww2
 1	Bunkers
 1	domestic
 1	philippines         {not Kodiak]