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SCR-582 Radar

Technical Information

Range: 90,000 yds (45 nautical miles)
Frequency: 2.8 GHz
Peak Power: 50,000 watts
Antenna: 48 inch parabolic dish

SCR-582   S-Band Harbor Defense Radar, C/O: BC-912, 922, 926, 
952, 954, 956, BD-112, CD-1220, 1358, 1359, 1374, 1375, 1376, 
1385, 1422, 1423, FM-52, 53, MG-19*, PE-192, R-134  (ABC Plan)  
TM 11-1221, 1312, 1412, 1512  1944

SCR-682*  Transportable SCR-582 Radar:  BC-1193, 1194, 1223, 
1224, 1225*, 1359, 1381, BD-123, 124, CD-942-945, 1123, 1220, 
1345, 1346, 1358, 1359, 1385, 1422, 1423, FT-458, RA-100, 101, 
134  Manuals: FM 4-97  TM 11-1221, 1361,1461,1561    1944

RC-162   Parabolic Radar Antenna  10-20 RPM P/O SCR-582

RC-182*  IFF Set, 157-187 MC  S/T RC-145  BC-1267,1268*, CD-1090, 
1091, 1209, 1220 CD-1222, CH-221, 223, 224, 242, 243, FM-80, FT-
85, I-221*, RA-105   MPM-5 U/W SCR-582,602 TB SIG-119    TM 11-
1308,1408,1508  1944

BC-1365   B-Scope Tracking Indicator
          U/W SCR-582,682A, CD-1358,1359  
          P/O MC-593 Kit

BC-912   Keying Unit 7 tubes, inc. 2 Eimac 304TH (in FM-53)     
         P/O SCR-582 

BC-926   RF Amplifier  3 tubes  in rack FM-53
         P/O SCR-582 Radar

BC-952   Radar Receiver, 22 tubes (2JB-51)    FM-52, RC-62      
         P/O SCR-582 
BC-953   Training Unit                          "      "    
BC-954   Oscilloscope  6E5 & 1813P7 CRT  FM-52  U/W FM-52  
         P/O SCR-582
BC-955   Servo Amp./Control Box  U/W CD-675*,692
         P/O SCR-517B
BC-956   Oscilloscope  12 tubes & 1802P1 CRT
         P/O SCR-582 Radar

The radar console for the SRC582 on Makhnati Island, Sitka, Alaska. Photo courtesy of the Sitka Historical Society and Matthew Hunter.

SCR-582 at Alexai Point, Attu. IFF equipment shown in background.
[NARA 342-88-001-1310]

Antenna unit SCR-582 at Alexai Point, Attu, within dome-shaped housing (center); antenna at left is for RC-182 IFF unit.
[NARA Anchorage]

This information is from

DESCRIPTION: Fixed Seacoast Artillery microwave radar.
USES: Gives PPI indication for harbor control and detection of surface craft and low-flying planes. IFF RC-182 is used.
SCR-582 covers 360°. From a height of site of 100 to 125 feet, the reliable maximum range is about 20,000 yards and the most probable maximum range is about 35,000 yards. Occasionally, ranges up to the 90,000-yard limit of the range scale can be obtained. Minimum range is about 1000 yards. Azimuth accuracy is of the order of ± 2° depending somewhat on the range scale in use. the range accuracy may be considered ± 3 per cent of the range scale in use. The range scales are 10,000, 30,000, and 90,000 yards. Set should be sited not less than 30 feet above the surrounding terrain and at least 100 to 150 feet above sea level. Optimum height of site is between 150 and 500 feet. Site should not include within the arc of surveillance any obstructions which would come within 5 to 10 degrees of the antenna axis.
TRANSPORTABILITY: Shipment includes spares and separate generator. Complete shipment is packed in 41 units, including power unit and power house. Largest package (power unit) is 5'9" x 6' x 5'11" and weighs 2060 lbs.
INSTALLATION: Set normally is installed in existing harbor defense or group observation posts by Signal Corps personnel. No tower or buildings are furnished as part of the set, but power plant shelters are obtainable.
PERSONNEL: SCR-582 requires one man to operate the set and another to plot the position of detected targets. These men relieve each other every thirty minutes. A power plant operator and maintenance man must be available. For 24-hour operation a chief of section, five operators, two power plant operators, and one maintenance man are required.
POWER: Requires about 1.8 KW, 110 V, 60 cycles, single phase.

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