updated 2005 February 25

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Some of this information came from Fort Gordon

SCR-281 AM 1700-2250 Kc Picture
        BC-441, BC-619 tuner
        Ft. Gordon listing
SCR-296 radar 700 Mc
        BC-716 receiver
        BC-717 transmitter
        BC-718 scope 3"
        BC-719 scope 5"
        BC-720 modulator
        BC-723 range unit
        BC-724 power drive
        BC-725 calibrator
        BC-726 calibrator
        BC-1286 AGC unit
        BC-1296 range control
        BC-1297 position transmitter
        TM11-1105, 1505
SCR-543 AM 1680-4450 Kc 45w 807 finals
        BC-669 T/R Picture
        PE-108 power
        PE-110 power
        RM-21 remote
        Ft. Gordon listing
SCR-547 radar("Mickey Mouse" from twin-dish antennas)
        mounted on converted acoustic-locator trailer
        BC-941 range unit
        MC-363 range converter
        RA-58 power unit
        TM11-1109, 1943 
        Ft. Gordon listing
SCR-582 radar  10cm
        BC-912 keying unit
        BC-926 RF amp
        BC-952 receiver
        BC-954 scope
        BC-955 servo amp
        BC-956 scope
        RC-162 antenna
        BC-1365 scope
        TM11-1212 ?
        Ft. Gordon listing
SCR-593 2-6 Mc receive only
        BC-728 receiver
        Ft. Gordon listing
SCR-808 FM 27-39 Mc, dual receiver
        BC-605 interphone amplifier
        BC-923 switch box
        BC-924 transmitter 815 final
        Ft. Gordon listing

SCR-828 same as above, one receiver

Spruce Cape Radio

 BC-375 Transmitter, 0.2-0.5 and 1.5-12.5 MHz, 100 W, P/O          
        SCR-287.  28-v VERSION OF BC-375.                          

 BC-191 Transmitter, AM/CW HF 50 watts
        Requires 1100, 425, and 12-14 VDC.
        four 211s and one 10, 
        P/O SCR-177, (-185 ?), -187, -188, -193;
        TM 11-800, 1942, -4017.
        plugin tuning units (TU-3, TU-4, TU-5, TU-6, TU-7, TU-8,
                             TU-9, TU-10, TU-22 & TU-26).
        BC-193, BC-194 or BC-204 antenna tuner 
        BC-196 antenna relay and  
        BC-192 Control Box,
        Replaced BC-AA-191   Also see BC-375
        BC-AA-193; 1935 original model, 

 BC-312 Receiver, 1.5-18 MHz, 
        P/O SCR-177, SCR-188A, SCR-193, SCR-197, SCR-210, SCR-245.
        Many models, 12- and 24-V, with and w/o xtal filter;
        TM 11-850, 1946.  Also see BC-342. 
One of these was on eBay in February 2000.  The starting bid was $235.
Photo of front.
Photo of name plate.
 BC-342 Receiver, 1.5-18 MHz,
        115 V version of BC-312 using internal RA-20 rectifier, 
        P/O SCR-197, SCR-277, SCR-299, SCR-399, SCR-499, 
        AN/MRC-1, MRQ-2, TRQ-1; 
        developed into R-336/GRC-26  

 S-20R Hallicrafters Rx

A good place to find out about military radios is Bill's Ham Radio WWW Server NJ7P