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Army Dock

The Army got its own docking facilities on 20 March 1942 when property one-quarter mile southeast of Kodiak known as Kraft's dock was acquired by the Government. The pier was redesignated the Army Pier, Fort Greely.{12} Up to this time all Army cargo and passengers had been discharged in stream or at the Navy pier. At the time of purchase the dock measured 254 feet in length. Construction of an additional 146 feet was started at once, as was dredging at the dock face to bring the MLLW depth to 30 feet. (From Ft. Greely history.)

From land records the initial patent, No. 655249 April 1924, was to Kadiak Fisheries Company from the United States, Woodrow Wilson, President. On September 15, 1940, Kadiak Fisheries sold the property to O. Kraft and Son Inc. On July 9, 1942, Ben and Edna Kraft sold the property to the United States for $55,000. On September 26, 1947, the Bureau of Land Management sold the surplus property to the City of Kodiak including the following structures:
Bldg No.Size
20012016 Sq Ft
20022016 Sq Ft
20032016 Sq Ft
20042016 Sq Ft
200510,600 Sq Ft
20065445 Sq Ft
200728 x 30 Ft
200831 x 59 Ft
200924 x 1001? Ft
201016 x 50 Ft
201117 x 29 Ft
201320 x 100 Ft
202812 x 20 Ft
202912 x 12 Ft
203020 x 47 Ft
203130 x 45 Ft
Dock900 x 60 Ft
Dock approach10,194 Sq Ft
Float10 x 348 Ft

Some subsequent property owners include Alaska Ice and Storage Inc., Eastpoint Seafoods and King Crab, Inc. The 2002 plant is signed Ocean Beauty.

Aerial view 1951 from Kodiak Island Borough web site.

Photos from William Julian circa WWII. Originals are various sizes, mostly 2x3 inches. (Note: If largest version doesn't load, it may be only available on our CD-ROM of the website.)

Highest resolution version, 618k
medium version, 59k
5 x 7 original

Highest resolution version, 555k
medium version, 55k
5 x 7 original

medium resolution, 100k

medium version, 64k

medium version, 189k

medium version, 93k

medium version, 180k

medium version, 115k

medium version, 180k

medium version, 144k

medium version, 157k

medium version, 182k

medium version, 89k

medium version, 96k

medium version, 73k

medium version, 87k

medium version, 107k

medium version, 146k

medium version, 93k

medium version, 144k

medium version, 73k

medium version, 135k

medium version, 116k

medium version, 167k

medium version, 177k

medium version, 143k

medium version, 68k

medium version, 256k

medium version, 140k

medium version, 161k
Photo courtesy of Bill Carlson, 50 Teton Lane, Apt 201, Mankato MN 56001-4853
Early WWII showing dock before additions. Courtesy of Bill Carlson.

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