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Kodiak Alaska Military History

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Clyde Coryell

Captain Clyde Coryell was the resident Officer in Charge of Construction 1940-1942 of Kodiak, Dutch Harbor and Sitka. His family including Pat Bugna visited the museum around July 2015 and donated this material.

This panorama was taken from near the later site of the control tower at a time before airport construction was begun.

Kodiak Alaska 1940
Comdr & Mrs Coryell
left front

Left to right:
Comdr C.W. Coryell
Mrs Roberts
Lt P.W. Roberts
Lt J.A. Stelger
Mrs Gayle Coryell
Lt Comdr B Puper (doctor)

Kodiak Alaska 1940
Sims (sic) Drake Puget Sound
contr on base
Supt (left) C.L. Henry

Kodiak Alaska 1940
left to right
Comdr C.W. Coryell (cec) USN
Lt Comdr B. Pupek USN (doctor)
Capt J.D. Blanchard USMC
1st Lt U.S. Sabol USMC
Lt P.W. Roberts (cec) USN
Lt J.A. Stelger USN

A Kodiak Catalina
over Mt Katma [sic] (vol)

N.A.S. Kodiak Alaska
Comdr McFall's Plane
V.P.B. Plane
enroute to Anchorage
8 Aug 1940
Comdr Coryell was aboard

Kodiak Alaska 1940

Mt Barometer
Kodiak Ils

Kodiak Alaska 1940
Party for Coast Guard
Gayle Coryell in plaid

Promotion to Lt jg
Aug 25, 1919

NAS Kodiak
Mulberry Artificial Piers Normandy

Officer of the Deck Underway
Gunnery Officer
USS Washington BB-56

Outstanding service at Kodiak.
Commendation Ribbon

Service and personal record
Retired 30 June 1951

This is to certify that Mr. Silver Dollar Tom having visited Alaska and fulfilled all the requirements of this order by tracking a salmon to its den, eating a totem alive, digging ice worms, dehorning a mosquito, and by salting the tail of a Kodiak bear, has been granted membership for ten years to life in the MYSTIC and AURORAL (whatever that means) ORDER OF ALASKA CHEECHAKOS and it entitled to all the benefits and detriments thereof, any tales told by the brother are to be believed without the slightest doubt and when he tells stories of malemute dogs, deaf-mute totems, fur-bearing fish, twenty-five hour days, long dark nights, perfumed eskimos, reindeers and Santa Claus, it is to be just as though Chief Muck-Tuck himself hath spoken, only NOT SO LOUD.

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