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Bill Carlson

August 31, 2004
50 Teton Lane, Apt. #201
Mankato, MN 56001

Kodiak Military History Museum
Kodiak, Alaska 99615

To Whom it may concern:

My friend June Cummiskey suggested about a year ago that you MIGHT be interested
in part of my SOUVENIRS and ARTIFACTS from WWII, as they pertain to KODIAK.
I am sending most of my collection, and hope some  items may be NEW TO YOU.
Anything you cannot use, you may discard.

I was stationed at KODIAK MILITARY BASE, FROM  ABOUT Aug. 1, 1941 to about
Feb. 1, 1944.  My outfit was the 215th CA (AA), being  National Guard units
from 10 cities in Southern MN.  I joined the guards about Oct. 15, 1940.  My friend
Curtis Brooks, was a First Sergeant, and encouraged encouraged me to come from Kansas City, MO.
to Mankato,MN to join the National Guard unit there, because they needed a BATTERY
CLERK (who could type).  Not many men could type in those days. So, I joined the
N. Guards, and was inducted into Federal Service in Jan. 1941.  We had ouR Basic
Training at Camp Haan,CA (near Riverside).  In July 1941 part of our outfit sailed
for KODIAK.  The 215th CA(AA) left AK around Feb. 1, 1944 for Ft. Bliss, Texas.

I visited KODIAK in 1976 and again in 1986. The last time I saw FT. ABERCROMBIE,
tho it had not been restored yet. I am glad you DID HAVE IT RESTORED. The MISSION of

I am identifying a few of the items, so they may mean more to you.

#1 Shoulder Patch, ADC (ALASKA DEFENSE COMMAND).  Issued 1st, but NOT official.
#2 Shoulder Patch, (with Bear), this was the OFFICIAL PATCH
#3 Photo of the Baptist Mission. I visited her MANY TIMES. (an orphanage at that time)
#4 Leaflet about the Kodiak Baptist Mission", home of a program called KBM.
#5 Photo of the "Ski Chalet",built by Army personnel,but operated by Am.Red Cross.(I
   was there MANY TIMES, for fun events.
#6 Large colored photo, of Kodiak Harbor, looking from village of Kodiak, toward
   the Army base.

Sincerely,                William "Bill" Carlson

P.S. _ June Cummiskey's husband was in the same outfit as I was. her son LIVES IN KOIDAK

Other items included in Bill's package:
portion of Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE December 7, 1991 about attack on Pearl Harbor.
portion of THE STARS AND STRIPES Wednesday, May 2, 1945 Vol 1-No 279, headline: HITLER DEAD
portion of THE MIAMI HERALD Wednesday, August 15, 1945, banner above masthead: WAR ENDS
portion of NORFOLK LEDGER-DISPATCH Monday afternoon, May 7, 1945, headline: NAZIS QUIT
bumper sticker 2x10 inches: WE VISITED KODIAK ALASKA

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