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U.S. Naval Base Kodiak Alaska

Here is the full text of a roll of microfilm loaned to us by Bob Brodie of Kodiak. Every frame of the microfilm has been manually typed into the computer by hand. The page layouts are as close to the original as possible considering that these are plain ASCII text files and little formatting is possible in this mode.

To make a clean printout of this text, copy it into your favorite word processor as plain ASCII. The file contains the standard ASCII form-feed character (control L) (0C hex) between pages. Netscape nor Internet Explorer will recognize page breaks and therefore will not produce a proper printout.

Pages are mostly in the order presented on the film. Microfilm job No. AR-192-77, H-108, operator C. Miller, date 5-2-77.

There are references to photographs which I haven't been able to find yet.

Construction of naval facilities in the Kodiak sector as documented in 1947

List of structures 1965 with maps.

Other historical text includes this December 22, 1941 memo from S. J. Rever concerning camouflage of water tanks and bomb shelter options. This memo discusses a $196,000 shelter as being too expensive and suggests blasting hard rock tunnels. Since we have pictures (A) (B) of the SHELTER, even though we can't find it, we don't think any of the tunnels were constructed.

* (Note: If largest photo version doesn't load, it may be only available on our CD-ROM of the website.)

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