Kodiak Alaska Military History

Technical Searchlight Shelters 9, 10 and
Distant Electric Control
Midway Point, Chiniak

Photo by Carrol Adcock 1961


Midway point is accessable by auto very close to the main Chiniak highway. It is not shown on any of our on-line maps. The property owner is unknown but it is NOT Lesnoi. N 57 37.62, W 152 16.25

Photos by J. Stevens March 2000

DEC bunker on left, Searchlight No. 9,
view from top of Searchlight No. 10.

Photos by Randy Weisser fall 2020

Details from the Annex

This is site No. 6, Exhibit 47B. The DEC is also marked "DUB. STA." Elevation of S/L No. 9 is 50 feet. Elevation of S/L No. 10 is 63 feet. Other buildings just across the road shown on Exhibit 29B include a powder house, a latrine, two Quonset huts, a mess and a Yakutat hut.

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Midway Point photos by Andy Rhode 2005

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