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"A hilarious but accurate account of life and the related humorously funny events that occurred at the Kodiak Tracking Station on Kodiak, Alaska during the 1950's and 1960's."

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The intention of this book is to put down in literary form finally, once and for all, the history, events, and somewhat humorous incidents of the Kodiak Tracking Station at Cape Chiniak on Kodiak Island, Alaska. The Tracking Station was in active operation from the "Sputnik" days in late 1958 through May of 1975, when the U.S. Air Force finally chose to close the facility down for economical reasons. This literary effort will cover the period from 1958 to 1970. Another book, CHINIAK TOO, will cover 1971 through the closing of the facility.

The author personally worked at Chiniak for 10 years, and having experienced some of these events depicted in this book, many of my friends and associates have encouraged me to write about it to preserve it's interesting and unique history. We made every attempt to present accurate information. A good half of the material for this effort was obtained from interviews and tapes donated to the author. Although some of the events may appear to be somewhat unbelievable, they DID occur.

In order to make this literary effort a little humorous and still not embarrass some of the people referred to, we have changed some of the names slightly. For those of you that were around Chiniak and Kodiak during those "Heady" days, I'm sure you can read through the "new" names and figure it out pretty well. At the time of the completion of this book (1995), the author was still being literally flooded with additional inputs and information pertaining to the Chiniak Saga.

The writing was an effort, (on and off) of a good 4 years. It seemed that every time I had a section, event, and/or chapter "nailed down", additional information would show up. So, in desperation, I had chose to finish this original effort, and start on the sequel to this on-going Saga. It will be called CHINIAK TOO. Your additional inputs to the new book would be appreciated and gratefully accepted. I move around the State quite a bit now in my semi-retirement, so just use my current amateur radio call book address for KL7AF. Any "Ham" can get it for you.

Finally, collecting information and writing about Chiniak brought back a lot of warm and cherished moments for me, as it reflected a very special part of MY life. I sincerely do hope that this book brings a little chuckle, smile, and a warm recollection for each one of you that reads it.

So relax, fix yourself a good drink, and enjoy!!

"Little" Tony


Chapter pages
01 The Radar Station that never was 01-02
02 The Creation of the Kodiak Tracking Station 03-04
03 The Town and It's Relationship with Chiniak 05-06
04 The Air Force Providith . . . . . . 07-08
05 The First "Shoot" 09-10
06 Christmas 1959 11-12
07 The Great Toboggan Race 13-15
08 The Military Invasion of Chiniak (Or, Spies like us...) 16-17
09 "The Road" 18-21
10 Named Landmarks of the Chiniak Highway 22-26
11 The Casa de Toro 27-28
12 Game Night! 29-30
13 Living at Chiniak 31-33
14 The Endless Chow Line 34-36
15 People's Hobbies at Chiniak 37-38
16 Amateur Radio 39-41
17 A Space Accident 42-43
18 Discoverer XIII 44-46
19 The Site Water Supply (Or, Jaws 6?) 47-48
20 Winter Storms at Chiniak 49-50
21 The Chiniak Women's "Koffee-Klutching" Auxiliary 51-53
22 Burko takes over from Budson 54
23 Lockheed takes over from Philco 55-56
24 EARTHQUAKE!! 57-60
25 The Quonset Huts 61-63
26 Dingleberry Acres 64-66
27 The Chiniak Light and Power Company 67-68
28 The Great Grunion Run of 1966 69-71
29 The Women's Bowling Tournament of 1967 72-74
30 "Can-Do-Kodi" 75-77
31 Disconnected events of the era 1958-1970 78-82
32 The Kalsin Bay Inn 83-84
33 The Serious Side of Chiniak 85
34 The "Cat is out of the bag" . . . . . . 86

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