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Roger A. Keltgen Collection
A package mailed from Sun City Arizona on May 23, 2003, arrived at the Kodiak Island Convention & Visitors Bureau. Lisa Marcato passed it on to our museum. Photo captions are handwritten and my best interpretaion is presented.

Roger A. Keltgen served with the 215th Coast Artillery, Anti-Aircraft, CA (AA) in Kodiak.

Dec 23, 1943, Kodiak Alaska, Roger Keltgen.
No 1 gun crew, Sgt Kedloe in charge, left to right, Mickey Ryan, Charlie Young, Stan Sabadg, Cpl Louie Breithrentz, Pete Sabadg, Privates Twaine, Harry Bishop, Sgt Kedlac, Cpl Milo Kubeck. Camp Haan March 1941.
Kodiak Island 1942.
Sunbeam Hotel, Kodiak Alaska.
Lt. Odom, Lt Mann, Lt Wood, Capt Sullivan, Battery A 215 CA AA, Kodiak.
Sunbeam Hotel 1943, Roger K on right
Sunbeam Hotel, Kodiak
Sunbeam Hotel, Kodiak
Range Section Kodiak 1943 Bat A 215 CAAA
#2 gun crew 215 CAAA Bty A
Range Section Kodiak, Womens Bay, 215 CAAA
#4 gun crew Kodiak 215 CAAA Baty A
Mess Hall Bat A 215 CAAA Kodiak 1943, built with midnight requisition
all corporals Kodiak Bat A 215 CAAA
cooks 215 CAAA
Our duty officers, 1. Capt Sullivan, 2. Lt Meyers, 3. Lt Mann, 4. Lt Odom, 5. Lt Wood. Col ??cejies Regiment Commander
#1 gun crew 90mm. Guns hidden in bldg, bldg collapses by pulling pins, ready to fire 75 secs, 4 of these.
Eugene Pfister, 30-32 Hobart St, Woodside, NYC
Homer Parks, Westfi?, Oregon
MG .50 cal machine gun crew
Comm Section, Kodiak 1943, Bty A 215 CAAA
bear shot by Sgt Gander, Cpl Phaler, Cpl Berg & Pvt Coleman.
Roger Keltgen 1943 Kodiak
wounded men from Attu & Kiska aleutians
wounded from Attu & Kiska invasion
Kodiak bear 1942
hunting crew Kodiak Island 1942
Town of Kodiak 1940
Kodiak (SS North Coast)
Kodiak bear 1942
great great grandfather signed Declaration of independence, dairy by Womens Bay, Lyman Hall, Winslow Washington, Bainbridge Island.
Sargents Club Kodiak 1943
Russian Creek
Kodiak Bear hunt 1942, 1yr Alaskan citizen hunting license $1.00
Russian Creek 1942
Roger Keltgen, Kodiak Island Alaska, gun emplacement
Kodiak Jan 1943 height & range finder, Roger, ??, O', P?? Radar
June 3, 1942 attack on Dutch Harbor. Text version.
Meal ticket Sergeants club Alaska Steamship Alaska Steamship Panoramic view of Ft. Greely (371 Kb)

Other items in this package included the KODIAK BEAR Newspaper: March 12, 1943 pages 1-2, June 9, 1942 pages 3-4, January 15, 1943 pages 1-4. A sea stores cigarette seal. Letter to 215th CA (AA) veterans from Bill carlson dated September 15, 2000. One sheet of highlights about Camp Haan California. July 29, 2000, 215th reunion announcement and history of the 215th CA (AA) from Bill Carlson. 60th and final reunion announcement April 23, 2001, from Ray McVey. Four letter stick-on seals, unused.

* (Note: If largest photo version doesn't load, it may be only available on our CD-ROM of the website.)

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