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The Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Companies

Central offices of the Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Companies of NC & VA

Headquarters building and toll center for the companies. Part of Historic Elizabeth City. Oversized brick utility building with yellow-brick veneer main fašade. The plain structure stretches west to Cobb and south to Fearing covering more than half a block. The Road Street facade c1903 is the oldest part with many additions over the years, the most recent being the corner of Cobb and Fearing closest to the microwave tower built c1975. Earlier, the street level of the Road Street facade was open storefronts with the customer business office and a Western Union office. The center door opens onto a staircase which leads directly upstairs to the operator's room which is behind the side windows to the left. The upper windows were the operator's break room and an office. Operators were still there in 1980 but that function was moved to Rocky Mount around that time as N&CT&T had been sold to Carolina Telephone, United System, in 1978.

That was the site of the Cook home. The Cooks owned and operated a bank on Main St. (Hill's Confectionary in later years). Upon the death of Mr. & Mrs. Cook the property transferred to L. C. Guirkin (an in-law) who rented the home out to the City of Elizabeth City for it's municipal offices. The City rented the property for several years but later moved it's offices to the YMCA building on Main St. After the City vacated the house it was rented to Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Company, who's offices were formally located on Fearing Street. After renting the property for some time, Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Company purchased the property from Mr. Guirkin on September 24, 1925. Shortly after purchasing the property the Telephone Company demolished the house and built the building in question. The exact year of construction I don't know but probably between 1926 and 1930.

Telephone Company buildings are not very easy to research construction dates because the property is assessed by the State and assessment records are not maintained by the County. These properties are classified as "Public Service" properties and the real property and personal property of these companies is lumped together and valued as a total company value, then each County and Municipality that the company operates in is assigned it's fair share of total value by the Dept. of Revenue.

North Carolina Central Offices and other significant sites:

Link to CO info
Link to TeleBeans

Camden Co.

South Mills STMLNCXARS0 10x Horseshoe Rd. 252-771 919-771 built pre 1970
Metro EAS.
Shiloh SHLHNCXARS0 Rt. 343 after Hawkins La. 252-336 919-336 built pre 1970
Metro EAS.

Chowan Co.

Welch (Smalls X Roads) WLCHNCXARS0 Virginia Rd. 252-221 919-221 Built circa 1976.
EAS to CT&T's Gatesville.
Metro EAS.
Edenton EDTNNCXA48F 102 E. King St. 252-482 919-482 Business office co-located.
MW to Hertford
Metro EAS.

Currituck Co.

Moyock MOYCNCXARS0 12x S. Mills Rd. 252-435, 232 919-435 also serves Gibbs Woods
Metro EAS.
OW to EC and Coinjock.
Sligo MOYCNCXBRS0 202x N. Caratoke Hwy. 252-232 919-232 built circa 1977
Metro EAS.
Corolla MW near lighthouse Coinjock remote 10-party line from KDH Remote of Coinjock.
Was served from KDH before MW. Customers were switched from upper dare EAS to Metro.
Coinjock CNJCNCXA453 N. Old 158 & Coinjock Baptist Ch Rd. 252-453, 457 919-453 TPL
Metro EAS.
Coinjock microwave few hundred feet north of CO 74MW to EC, Mamie, Corolla
Mamie MAMINCXARS0 8378 S. Hwy 158 252-491 919-491 MW to CJK, KDH
Metro EAS.
Point Harbor Radio marine operator radio site maintained by N&CT&T operated by C&P.

Dare Co.

Southern Shores (Duck) KDHLNCXBRS0 200 Duck Rd. 252-261 919-261 built circa 1975
T cxr to KDH
Kill Devil Hills (KDH) KDHLNCXA44F 202 Ashville Dr. 252-441, 255, 261, 449, 480, 489 919-441 MW to Manteo, Mamie
served Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores and Duck before above CO was built.
had served Corolla before c1971 when Corolla MW was installed.
Manteo (Roanoke Is.) 105 E. Uppowac St. 252-473, 475 919-473 MW to KDH, Waves
Stumpy Point Village served by X carrier from Manteo.
Two bombing ranges in the area X carrier.
Waves (Hatteras Is.) WAVSNCXA987 25644 S. Hwy 12 252-987 919-987 MW to Buxton, Manteo
served Rodanthe and Salvo
(At Cape Hatteras)
BXTNNCXA995 48161 Hwy. 12 252-995, 996 919-995 MW to Waves
served Frisco and Avon
(southwest tip of Hatteras Is.)
BXTNNCXB986 Hatteras Dr. (Hwy. 12) 252-986 (as Buxton) 919-986 X carrier to Buxton
EAS to Buxton, Waves

Gates County

Sunbury SNBYNCXARS0 Virginia & Atlantic Avenues 252-465 919-465 1-pair OW to EC
EAS to CT&T's Gatesville
Metro EAS.

Pasquotank Co.

Elizabeth City ELCYNCXA33A 103 S. Road St. 252-331, 333, 334, 335, 337, 338, 384 919-335, 338 Toll tandem for N&CT&T, operators
EAS tandem for Albemarle Metro
Corporate offices.
Weeksville WKVLNCXA330 112x Twiford Rd. (Sr. 1132) 252-330 919-330 N to EC toll
CA to EC for EAS
Metro EAS.

Perquimans Co.

Pineywoods PYWDNCXARS0 Hickory Cross & County Line Roads 252-297 919-297 EAS to CT&T's Gatesville.
Metro EAS.
Woodville WDVLNCXARS0 118 Greorgry's La. (Sr. 1330) 252-264 919-264 built circa 1977
Metro EAS.
Hertford HRFRNCXARS0 113 W. Grubb St. 252-426 919-426 Business office co-located.
Present building is behind original N&CT&T bldg.
Metro EAS.
The above modern-day exchange prefixes are from this chart dated 2-19-2005 from NANPA.

Virginia Central Offices and other significant sites:


Great Bridge GRBRVAXADS0 409 N. Battlefield Blvd. 757-382, 436, 546, 547, 548, 549 804-547 Norfolk metro EAS.
N1 and N2 carrier to Norfolk Metro and Hickory.
Battlefield GRBRVAXBRS0 765 N. Battlefield Blvd. 757-482 804-482 Norfolk metro EAS.
built c1976
all T carrier
Hickory HCKRVAXARS0 2756 S. Battlefield Blvd.
present building is not the N&CT&T one.
757-421, 432 804-421 Norfolk metro EAS.
MW to EC and Bute St. Norfolk, intertoll route, no Hickory drop.
OW to EC, 3-crossarms, converted to ON carrier via South Norfolk to Bute St., intertoll.
N2 carrier to Great Bridge and Norfolk metro.
The above modern-day exchange information is from this chart dated 2-19-2005 from NANPA

Abbreviations used above:
Area code 919 was created on 01-01-1954 when direct distance dialing was originally set up. N&CT&T didn't offer this to customers until sometime after 1963, the first year of 7-digit dialing.

A portion of North Carolina split off into area code 252 on 03-22-1998 as detailed below. Not mentioned in this official record are the counties of Chowan, Pasquotank, Camden, Currituck and Perquimans which are all north of Albemarle Sound. Odd?


Area Code 252
Type General Purpose
Usage Geographic
Location North Carolina
Country United States  
Coverage Eastern portion of North Carolina, 
includes the counties of Carteret, Dare, Hyde, Pamlico, 
Beaufort, Craven, Jones, Lenoir, Greene, Wilson, Pitt, Nash, Vance, 
Warren, Halifax, Northampton, Hertford, Martin, Bertie, Washington
Time Zone ET   
Dialing Plan - Call Originating in NPA 252
Local Terminating to NPA 252, 7D 
Terminating outside NPA 252, 10D
Toll Terminating to NPA 252, 1+10D 
Terminating outside NPA 252, 1+10D  
Parent NPA919
Overlay No
Jeopardy No 
Assigned Yes
Assignable Yes
Reserved No
In Service Yes
Date 03-22-1998
Planning Letter PL-114 PL-112