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The Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Companies

C L R cards

These are Circuit Layout Cards dated 1958. These cards detail the open wire lines on these routes in detail.

All of the circuits to Elizabeth City are intertoll two-way dial circuits.

Windsor is a tributary office of Williamston, meaning the operators were in Williamston for the Windsor customers. These circuits would dial toward Windsor and just ring toward Williamston. Both of these offices were in CT&T territory so I don't know why these records are in my collection.

H carrier is one channel, operating on 7.5 KHz, USB one direction and LSB the other. (And you thought single-side-band was a modern thing.) It weighed more than 50 pounds per channel. OB carrier is the second frequency allocation of the O carrier family which consists of OA OB OC OD, also using single-side-band.

One pair of open-wire could carry the following:
OB carrier, the most common of the O system, used two carier frequencies in each direction with the USB for one voice circuit and the LSB for another. It used 40-56 KHz in one direction and 60-76 KHz in the other, on the same pair of wires.

An additional phantom circuit could be run over two pair of wires.