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The Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Companies

Photo Album

Aubrey Chambers and Steve, 1978

Coinjock CO, N&CT&T truck, 1978

Coinjock microwave site, 1978.

Elizabeth City toll frame and technicians, 1973.

Donnie Paul Harris, 1973.

Elizabeth City CO, new wing, 1978.

Elizabeth City CO, new wing, 1978.

Elizabeth City CO, new wing, 1978.

Elizabeth City CO offices, new wing, 1978.

Elizabeth City, Cobb St employees' entrance, 1978.

Elizabeth City open-wire test board, 1976

Elizabeth City toll testboard, 1978.

Elizabeth City, oldest part, Lenkurt 33 carrier, WeCo H carrier, 1976.

Elizabeth City, as newest wing is started, May 1973.

Grandy subscriber carrier terminal, Lenkurt 91, August 1978.

Hertford CO, Alma Liecester, Aubrey Chambers, Ed Liecester, 1978.

Jimmy Sawyer, 1976.

Kill Devil Hills, 1978.

Kill Devil Hills, 1978.

Buxton - Hatteras X carrier repeater. Ronnie Cooper.

Manteo local testboard.

Elizabeth City toll test crew.
Aubrey Chambers, Dwight Black, Ronnie Cooper, Joe Stevens, Henry Clay Owney.

Sligo (919)232 cutover March 1, 1975.
Rudy Hoffman, Jack White, Don Kosik,
Sam Sawyer, Oscar Hobbs.

Don Kosik, Sam Sawyer.
Programming a 101 director.

Elizabeth City, O carrier terminals, 1976.

Open wire toll line, Camden causeway.

Elizabeth City to Norfolk (Hickory) OW line.
Microwave tower at CO in background.
This pole is in Camden County.
The CO is across the river in Pasquotank Co.

Defunct Panhandle open-wire subscriber carrier terminal north of Duck.

On the "road" to Corolla.

Kill Devil Hills area, Ronnie Cooper, 1978.

Elizabeth City, SATT equipment , 1973.

Elizabeth City,
Millard Spruill, Rudy Hoffman,
Ed Tarkenton, Albert Onley, 1973.

Elizabeth City, toll test board, 1977.

Elizabeth City toll test board. Billy Hassel.

March 25, 1977.
Elizabeth City phone repair shop.
Gid Forbes, ?, Herscal Williams.