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I am married to Jenny (Genevieve Louise Crumley) from Eatonville, Washington, a little southwest of Mt. Rainier. Jenny is a retired elementary teacher with over 22 years of Kodiak Island teaching. On July 7, 1998 Jenny was issued amateur radio technician class license KLPK. She works 9 months as the community schools secretary. This office deals with the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium. We live in a small house made of local spruce with an addition I made. We are only a few yards from Fort Abercrombie, an Alaska State park. The neighborhood is Miller Point, about a mile north of the city of Kodiak. Our address is 4260 Cliffside Road but the Post Office won't deliver mail to that address. We're on about a half acre lot on the ocean at Mill Bay. We look out the window at open ocean to the east and Spruce Cape across the bay. MAP.

I've been a ham radio operator for a long time. I'm very involved in the local two-meter repeater (146.28/146.88). I put it on the air originally in 1977. This repeater was purchased by many local hams over the lifetime of a couple of clubs and with a lot of non-club support. It's currently a Hamtronics REP-200 repeater with autopatch. The repeater has three input receivers: one on Pillar Mt. with 141.3 Hz CTCSS, one at KMXT with carrier input, and one on Nyman Penninsula with carrier input. The signals get to the transmitter on Pillar Mt. via 446 MHz. There is a DHL signal-to-noise voter at the Pillar site.

I dabble in ham-TV too. I talking about the regular fast scan stuff with 525 lines at 30 frames per second on UHF. Not a lot of local activity, but I keep a transmitter and receiver ready just in case. AL7LQ is also equipped for FSTV but we don't have a radio path to one another.

I am the Chief Engineer at Kodiak Public Broadcasting Corporation. Sometimes I charge for this, but I end up volunteering a great deal. I host a couple of hours on radio every Sunday.

I have used these operating systems (1) Linux, (2) OS/2, (3) Windoze 98/2000, (3)MS-DOS, (3) Windoze 3.11, (4) Coherent Unix, (5) VMS, (6) CP/M. I have some experience with VMS and several versions of Unix. My printer is an HP 952C. I have an Artec Scanrom 4E which will scan prints, negatives and transparencies but not slides and a HP 3970 flatbed scanner which will scan mounted slides or unmounted 35mm film.

Past schooling and employment:
1958-1962 Elizabeth City High School (no longer exists) was segregated
1962-1966 Norfolk Naval Shipyard Apprentice School (no longer exists)
1966-1970 Norfolk Naval Shipyard Electronics Shop
1970-1980 Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Company (now Sprint)
1980-present Aksala Electronics Inc.
since 1962 courses at College of the Albemarle and at Kodiak College, taught computers at Kodiak College too.

My father, J. Howard Stevens
during WWII
Norfolk & Carolina Tel. & Tel.
Toll Testboard where I worked
Billy Hassel shown. Photo circa 1978 at Elizabeth City NC

Albert Onley, K4VHV, Retired from Sprint (N&C T&T). I owe many thanks to Al. He and I spent many happy times in his ham shack. Al helped me get a job with N&C T&T.
Pasquotank County Courthouse where my brother works.
Cub Scouts Den 3 Pack 164 1953
Joe Stevens 1953
Weeksville Blimp hangar. After this base was closed, I climbed to the top of this. We got caught and escorted off the base by the caretaker who was Edgar Lambert's dad. This wooden structure burned to the ground 8/3/1995. Only the lonely obelisk like door portals remain. Aerial image 7 March 1993.
On June 17, 1971, I was responsible for the invention of the wheel.
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