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Boatanchor Collection

revised 2015 March 10

Trade inquiries welcome although I generally want to keep and get more WW II era stuff. I would like to get parts to complete some of these items too. I'm in Kodiak Alaska 99615.

Want List:

M-209 converter, cryptographic
SCR-296 radar, parts, TM
SCR-547 radar, parts, TM
SCR-543 radio, parts, TM
SCR-281 radio, parts, TM
SCR-808 or SCR-828 radio, parts, TM
BC-375 or BC-191
HS-17A head & chest set
BD-95 switchboard, any info
WE-551 PBX switchboard
I-50 telephone test set
MC-88 typewriter (have one, need more)
Any WWII vintage manual typewriters
Any manual typewriters
RC-133 time control equipment
EE-86 time interval apparatus, manual
WWII 8 inch, 6 inch, 155mm, etc. artillery artifacts, powder bags, etc.
Also see items.txt


This information is to provide a selection of items that I can point others to when I want to make a trade. Items are not offered for sale. I'm happy to share information on any items. I don't have manuals for all of it.


This list is very incomplete. This is just a sample.




Test Equipment

Projection or Photographic Equipment

Other equipment

Wanted: Information, manuals or parts to SCR-296A and SCR-582 radars. (TM's 11- 1105, 1505, 1212, 1221, 1312, 1412, 1512)

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Where can I get stuff

Sightseeing for Geeks

boatanchor manuals or boatanchor manuals

Teletype parts source

Rich Post's Boatanchor pages - KB8TAD

Nick England's Fabulous Navy Radio pages - K4NYW