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Cape Greville

The Cape Greville harbor defense installation site consisted of 40 acres, procured 29 August 1941. It was for the B3/2 fire control station which made target observations for the 155mm battery at Chiniak Point. See Harbor Defense map of Cape Greville, figure 6A sheet 2, Land Map. and the battery map. Fire control site information is from Annex B, Fire Control, Harbor Defense Project of Kodiak 1944. The OP, a reinforced concrete, dug-in, cottage type structure, was completed in Sept. 1942. This station was equipped with an M1 DPF, class 2 (spotting scope).

(From the Seabees history)
Cape Greville, on Kodiak Island, was commissioned in April 1943, as a radio and radar beacon station and was turned over to the Coast Guard in October 1944. (A radar beacon is a LORAN.) The location is approximately N57 35 24, W152 09 26.

The shiplap hut is fairly small and has been in use by campers in recent years.

Quonset hut.

Pet cemetary, modern. Engraved markers.

All photos fall 2000 by Joe Stevens.
The view at the top is looking toward Narrow Cape and Soquel Pt.

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