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Detailed topo maps are at the bottom of this page in JPEG and Autocad formats.

For an absolutely STRIKING image of St. Peter's Head and Isidor Island (the area above marked "D" and "E") see this NOAA web page. A few other views are at this NOAA page. Platinum may be mined in the offshore area.

Photos and text keyed to the map above

A - The Chiniak Highway leads to Kodiak to the left (west). This point is the end of state road maintenance. The edge of the roadway is falling away to the beach at this point. Everything east of this point is Leisnoi property down to point Q.
B - The road goes along the right fork here. The left turnoff along the beach only goes a short distance and is completely eroded and impassable. There are no longer any quonset huts here nor anywhere else in the map area. There is a command bunker here which sometimes has about a foot of standing water inside.
C - The new USCG differential GPS transmitter is here. The Chiniak DGPS is on 313.0 Khz, with data at 100 baud. This is the end of the electrical and telephone lines. [Note: July 1999, the SuperDARN site is across the runway toward the east. Pictures. The power and telephone has been extended, crossing the runway underground.]
D - The eight-inch guns were here at St. Peter's Head, Battery No. 1. There is a two-story underground ready ammunition bunker. MAP
E - WW II Distant Electrical Control bunker on Bald Hill (Site 3) between St. Peters Head and Cape Chiniak. View to the east. Controls searchlight No. 8. Photo by j0e circa 1985. MAP
F - Approximate site of the log house erected in 1960 by Pete Azzole and company. It's a short distance from the main road and is not visible from the main road. Just across the road from the turnoff to this house is the small, still intact pump house.
G - Site of the little navy main buildings, now gone.
H - Lloyd Johnson and Curt Law at the 1945 DF foundation. There are remains of four different structures in this area: The 1945 USCG HF DF site, the newer Navy secure building (later a schoolhouse), the array of pipes with these conduits at the center located a little further down the road (at the end of the trail) marked LOW BAND ARRAY AR-1 on the topo map 4A, and the HIGH BAND ARRAY AR-2. Located in a line tangent to array AR-2 is a row of concrete pillars about three feet high with numbers stamped into a steel strap poured into the top of the pillar. The posts are marked (first post(s) in a tangle of undergrowth) 50-00, 56-40, 60-00, 86-40, (another post in dense undergrowth), 80-00, 83-20, 86-40, 90-00, 100-00, 110-00, 120-00, 130-00, 140-00, 150-00.
J - Site of quonsets on the hillside (all gone) where Lloyd Johnson lived in 1945. There was an HF antenna near here on four poles. The road just below the J on the map is eroded and requires good ground clearance and four-wheel-drive. It goes uphill rather steeply to the east and takes you to the next three pictures.
K - The 1994 NASA surver marker is here. This could be the USCG LF DF site.
L - Searchlight No. 7 bunker still has one door standing, rare in the area.
M - Searchlight bunker with intact telephone terminal and nearby eagle nest. This is where the views of the Navy site were taken in 1960 and another in 1998. There is an antenna coupler on a pole along the trail to this bunker, remains of xmtr. antenna VT-1 shown on topo map 4A. The Navy building is just visible in the trees in these 1998 views.
N - WWII SCR-296A radar site. MAP
O - USAF Satellite Tracking Station 1958-1975.
P - Cape Greville site of WWII B3/2. MAP This site is reached via a spur road that is somewhat overgrown. (Possible WWII loran site.)
Q - End of navigable road.
R - Soquel Point Searchlights 3,4, DEC, B3/1.

Topo map 1 Just outside military reservation on road to Kodiak
Topo map 1a same as above, tighter zoom
Topo map 2 East end of Miller Field, gun bunkers, lagoon
Topo map 3 West end Miller Field, quonset city, Chiniak Creek
Topo map 4 Navy facility, antennas
Topo map 4a same as above, tighter zoom
Topo map 5 Air Force Tracking Station
Topo map 5a same as above, tighter zoom
Topo map 6 Cape Chiniak, antennas, Chiniak Island

These maps exist on photo negatives approximately 4 by 6 inches. The maps are probably circa 1962. The borough has more of them in original paper format approximately three feet square.

USGS topo map composite of portions of 7.5 minute maps. 104,986 bytes.

These maps were obtained from Jacobs Engineering, contractor for the US Army Corps of Engineers. They were created for the ex-military site cleanups. They all depict 1998 conditions. You may view them if you install the free Autodesk viewer. This will allow you to zoom, pan, and print the Autocad drawings. (The JPEG images are much lower clarity.)

Much of the Cape Chiniak area is owned by Leisnoi Incorporated.

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