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Bald Hill
Technical Searchlight Shelter and
Distant Electric Control


Bald Hill is located along a narrow penninsula between St. Peter's Head and Cape Chiniak and between the ocean and Chiniak Lagoon. It was the site of Technical Searchlight Shelter No. 8 and it's Distant Electrical Control pillbox. It is on Lesnoi property. It is Site 3A in the Harbor Defenses consisting of 31 acres procured 1941 August 29. Access is via a one-lane track from the St. Peter's Head gun emplacement then a short walk down the beach and a modest climb up an embankment. The last part of the trail requires four-wheel-drive. There is no room to turn around without leaving the trail somewhat. Bald Hill is shown on the bottom right corner of this map.

Photos by J. Stevens 1999 July 4

Searchlight No. 8

Searchlight No. 8

DEC for Searchlight No. 8
looking toward Cape Chiniak

DEC bunker for Searchlight No. 8
Isador Is. and St. Peters Head beyond to the right.
This photo taken from atop the searchlight shelter.

Veteran Walter Dangel

Walter Dangel was stationed there from October 1941 to March 1944. Was in on the startup of Fort Abercrombe and also out at Cape Chiniak, Fort Smith. Was in Battery G [searchlight] of the 250th C.A. Corporal in communications and searchlight commander at Fort Smith. My old concrete control station and searchlight shelter are still standing but my sectional living quarters was torn down when they cleaned up the old Quonset huts several years ago. It is located where the large lagoon narrows down about half way in its length.

Walter has provided a copy of the 250th Coast Artillery Historical and Pictorial Review 1941 Camp McQuaide California

WW II photos by Walter Dangel

1978 Photos by Walter Dangel

These were taken in 1978 of my searchlight position and living quarters. The character in them is Walter Dangel. In the long shot you can see the house and the small power plant (for lighting) is seen near the lake level.

Walter Dangel 1990 photos from military museum in Honolulu, Hawaii

Bob Meza's Restored 1942 GE Searchlight & Generator The only restored searchlight with DEC.

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Patches courtesy of Walter Dangel.

FM 4-29 Service of Seacost Searchlight

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