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* Did not exist when Kodiak was active.

*TCSTelemetry Command Station - Oakhanger, Borden Hauts near London, England.
*DGSDiago Garcia Station, Indian Ocean.
*TVCF-ETransmit Vehicle Checkout Facility, Cape Canaveral, Florida.
TTSThule Tracking Station, Greenland.
KTSKodiak Tracking Station, Alaska.
HTSHawaiian Tracking Station, Kaena Point, Oahu, Hawaii.
NHTNew Hampshire Tracking Station, New Boston.
GTSGuam Tracking Station, Guam.
IOSIndian Ocean Tracking Station, Mahe in the Sechelle Islands.
VTSVandenberg Tracking Station, California.
*CTSCamp Parks Tracking Station.
STCSatellite Test Center located in Sunnyvale California. This is the Master control complex for the Remote Tracking Stations (RTS).

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