Vol. 12, No. 20 Friday Oct.1, 1965

HOW TO SPEND A LABOR DAY WEEKEND. Men of the Kodiak tracking station display the tropies of a bear hunting expedition. Left to right: Wayne Pearson, Dave Gingrich, Hal Holcomb, Lyle Burnham, Bob Siptrott, and Leroy Mayberry. Mayberry's kill measured out at nine feet and Siptrott's at seven. On the hunt but not in the picture was Rocky Shiraki.

Brave Boys Bag Big Bears

If you will bear with us, we will give you the bare facts of a bear hunt.

It seems that a group of the boys from our Bering Sea [sic.] base were brooding over the blue prospect of spending the long Labor Day weekend without bicycles, beer, broads or bowling alleys to buoy up their spirits.

In a burst of brilliant inspiration, seven of them decided that they should fly over to the other side of Kodiak and bushwhack some bears. To they burnished their bullets, borrowed fur-lined burnooses and headed for the hunt.

In due course, six Brown bears bit the dust.

The largest trophy went to Leroy Mayberry, a cook with the KTS support contractor, and second honors went to Bob Siptrott, document control operator.

The rest of the party included Wayne Pearson, chief of maintenance; Dave Gingrich, radar section; Hal Holcomb, telemetry section; Lyle Burnham, operations controller; Rocky Shiraki, radar area supervisor.

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