Kodiak Tracking Station
Short Stories

  (1) Plane trip to Kodiak June 1. 1963
  (2) Bus ride out to the station from the Pacific Northwest Airlines  
      (PNA), one man terminal. Airplanes at that time were 4 engine   
      propellers, Lockheed Connie's.  (Consolations)
  (3) My first night on the station (Casa De Toro incident) Wally fight.
  (4) Building an ice skating rink behind the Casa De Toro. Have a regular 8 
      movie of that.  SRPA 8 Film hadn't been invented yet.
  (5) Tape recording incident.
  (6) The motorcycle incident.
  (7) The high bed incident.
  (8) The shooting in the Officers quarters.
  (9) Activities after the earthquake on the Tracking Station. (Hilarious)
 (10) Activities in town during and after the earthquake that night. 
      (Kodiak Hotel)
 (11) Activities the next day after the earthquake trying to get back to THE 
      TRACKING  Station
 (13) Alaskan Air command incident
 (14) Elk hunt dumb thing, Raspberry Island in Dec.
 (15) Seal hunting by swimming and almost dying.  Alcohol is good.
 (16) Coast guard flying over Twin Creeks and checking our fire.
 (17) Blowing two fingers off with fire cracker M-80.
 (18) Peeing in the cab's gas tank to put gas tank fire out.
 (19) Building the Chiniak road back with beach wood a couple of days 
      after the Earthquake and getting stranded in Bells Flats.
 (20) Kodiak Bear Hunting trip.
 (21) Polar Bear Hunting Trip     

      Picture in front of the building.  Only one on Tracking Station 
      to shoot both.  Back to back years when I got mine it was the 
      last legal year.  I believe 1966 or 67.

 (22) TWO week tour the seven of us took touring Alaska all the way up to 
      Fort Yukon. ( 1969) This was nightmare from the beginning.  This will 
      take 5 sub chapters.  So much went on.  

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