Fig. 3-55, click for larger image
  1. Slave bus switching unit (SBSU)

  2. Communications buffer (COMB)

  3. Telemetry data processor (TDP-II)

  4. TDP-II buffer (TDPB)

The block diagram in Figure 3-58 illustrates the computer interface equipment configuration.

The input/output buffer (IOB-II) (Figure 3-59) provides a general purpose interface between the 1230 mTc computer and the various KTS subsystems. The types of data generated by these subsystems and the manner in which they are processed by the IOB-II are identified in the block diagram of Figure 3-60 and dsecribed as follows:

  1. PRF Generation and Selection. Under computer control, has a range of outputs from 10 usec to 10,00001 sec for timing command transmission.

Fig. 3-56, click for larger image
Fig. 3-57, click for larger image

  1. Slave Bus Configuration. In response to slave bus source selections made at the SOC II and routed by way of the computer, sends control signals via the IOB-II to the SBSU to select the proper slave source.

  2. Digital Command Configuration. Under computer control, configures the CBSU for proper digital command source and antenna selection.

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