The CDC-854 disk drive units (figure 3-54) record and read information magnetically on removable disk pack units (6 disks), each of which provide 10 surfaces where data can be written and read back. Four disk drive units, each containing a disk pack, are provided. The total storage capacity per disk is 49,152,000 bits. The average access time is 25 usec per track and the data transfer rate is 1.25 Mb/s

A computer maintenance panel is mounted in each input/output console for use in computer program checkout and computer maintenance. This panel has the controls and indicators shown in Figure 3-55.

The Mohawk data 6002 card reader (Figure 3-56) is an electromechanical device which reads information punched into standard 80 column cards. The card reader can read 225 cards/min and has a 500 card loading capacity. The data on each card is read column by column and transferred to the computer in a 12 bit parallel word format at a 435 card column/sec data rate.

A remote computer control panel Figure (3-57) is provided on the SOC II for independent control and status of the mTc 1230 computer's two central processing units (CPU'S). The controls on the SOC II are active control when the computer maintenance panel is in the remote position.

Redundant motor generator units regulated 400 Hz power to the computer.

3.7.2      Computer Interface Equipment

The computer interface equipment provides the interface between the Univac 1230 mTc computer and the sensor equipment (e.g., antenna, telemetry ground station, and interstation communications). This equipment consists of the following units:

  1. Input/Output buffer (IOB-II)

  2. Computer dual access buffers (CDAB)

  3. Computer dual access drivers (CDAD)

  4. Command buffer (CMDB)

  5. Command buffer switching unit (CBSU)

  6. Command isolation unit (CIU)


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