Three major equipment groups comprise the subsystem:
  1. The computer complex provides the computational capability required to process data (telemetry, tracking, in realtime for support of orbiting satellites.
  2. The computer interface equipment provides the interface between the sensor equipment (e.g., tracking antenna, PCM and FM/FM telemetry ground stations) and the computer complex.
  3. The control and display equipment provides centralized control and monitoring capability for the station.
3.7.1   Computer Complex

The Univac 1230 mTc computer (figure 3-50) is a general purpose, stored program processor with active core storage for 49,152 30-bit words. Memory access is 1.8u sec and memory protection is provided. Internal parity checks are provided for all data words. Sixteen redundant input/output (I/O) channels provide service for the two independent processors. Data may be buffered or stored from externally specified or indexed memory addresses. A priority interupt system is provided. The maximum I/O data rate for a single channel is 166,667 words/sec.

The computer complex consists of the following equipment:

  1. Computer (Univac 1230 mTc)
  2. Two input/output consoles (Univac 1232)
  3. Two printers (Anelex 4113)
  4. Mass storage adapter (Univac 1531)
  5. Two disk controllers (CDC-3234)
  6. Four disk drives (CDC-854)
  7. Two maintenance panels
  8. SOC II computer control panel
  9. 400 Hz motor generator system
  10. Card reader (Mohawk 6002)
  11. Card reader adapter The Univac 1232 input/output console (part of Figure 3-51) provides a means for entering data into the computer using either punched tape or the alphnumeric keyboard. The console also records output data from the computer by punching paper tape, by printing on paper, or both simultaneously. Paper tape is read at 500 frames/sec and punched at 10 frames/sec; The console printer prints at the rate of 10 characters/sec.

    The Anelex 4113 printer (also part of Figure 3-51) prints 300 120-character lines per minute under control of the computer.


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