Kodiak Tracking Station

The subsystem and equipment comprising Kodiak Tracking station are 
identified and described in this section, and a brief overview is presented 
of their functional role at the station.

The subsystem configurations described herein include:

 *  14ft Tracking, Telemetry, and Command    *  COMSEC Equipment
    TT&C) Antenna

 *  UHF Back-up Command Antenna              *  PCM Telemetry Data Equipment

 *  200 MHz Autotracker                      *  FM/FM Telemetry Ground Station

 *  Antenna Slave Buss                       *  Echo Check Recording Equipment

 *  Boresight Facility                       *  Timing Subsystem    

 *  Space Ground Link Subsystem (SGLS)       *  Inter and Intrastation  
                                                Communications Equipment
 *  New  Data  Subsystem (NDS)

The overall station block diagram (Figure 3-1) and the functional schematic 
block diagram for the station (Figure 3-2) depict the overall 
interrelationship of the various subsystem and equipment functions at KTS.  
Individual equipment items or groups are identified herein (and in the 
rack elevations of Appendix A), and their respective functions briefly 
discussed in the following paragraphs. Functional signal flow diagrams 
(i.e., tracing a particular functions signal path through out the entire 
station) are continued in Appendix H.


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