A/DAnalog to Digital CIUCommand Isolation Unit
AFDAutomatic Fault Dection CMDB Command Buffer
AFSCFAir Force Satellite Control Facility COMBCommunications Buffer
AGCAutomatic Gain Control COMSEC Communications Security
AILAirborne Instruments Laboratories CRT Cathode Ray Tube
AMAmplitude Modulation CT Control Transformer (Syncro)
ANKAlphanumeric Keyboard CX Control Transmitter (Syncro)
ATUAnalog Test Unit DCB Display Control Buffer
AzAzimuth DCD Digital Command Decoder
BBBird Buffer DCE Digital Command Encoder
BCDBinary Coded Decimal DE Display Electronics
BERBit Error Rate DoD Department of Defense
BSTBoresight Tower DRE Digital Ranging Equipment
BSUBaseband Separation Unit D/S Digital-to-Synchro
Carrier 1Composite Baseband of Multiplexed SGLS Data DSB Digital Slave Bus
Carrier 2PCM Baseband of SGLS Data DSBRU Digital Slave Bus Receive Unit
Carrier 3Non SGLS Wideband Anolog Data, FM Multiplexed or High Rate PCM Baseband Data DSBTU Digital Slave Bus Transmit Unit
CAUCrypto Ancillary Unit ECP Engineering Change Proposal
CBSUCommand Buffer Switching Unit EL Elevation
C&DControl and Display ERP Effective Radiated Power
CDCControl Data Corporation FFK Fixed Function Keyboard
CDABComputer Dual Access Buffer FM Frequency Modulation
CDADComputer Access Driver FPA Flat Plane Array
CEIContract End Item FSK Frequency Shift Key

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