TABLE 2-3 (Cont)

Signal Source Signal Destination
Ranging Range code 2.2 GHz receiving and ranging equipment Digital range Data subsystem
1.7-2.2 GHz Doppler Receiver/transmit frequency 2.2 GHz receiving and doppler equipment Digital range rate Data subsystem
Antenna Position Antenna position Antenna Az and El Data subsystem
Telemetry Data Processing Data FM and PCM ground stations Composite digital FM/FM and baseband Data subsystem
Tracking Data Processing Data Az and El encoders, 1.7-2.2 GHz range and range rate equipment Composite digital data with Az, El, range, and range rate Data subsystem
Command Formatting Command formats control STC via communications subsystem, SOC Digital commands 1.7 GHz, 370-470 MHz command transmitting equipment
Command Checks Detected RF and verification signals Transmitting and telemetry equipment Echo check and verification Command formatting equipment and control and displays
Controls and displays Operator action and observation   Visual displays, control signals Operator's station equipment
Universal time     Visual indications, equipment signals All subsystems

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