This document is the seventh in a planned series1 of system analysis summary reports published by the Remote Integrating Contractor to establish a technical baseline for evaluating the existing and planned program support capabilities of each of the remote tracking stations (RTS) in the Air Force Satellite Control Facility (AFSCF) System.

This report describes the current Kodiak Tracking Station (KTS) configuration and accesses its key functional performance capabilities within the AFSCF system environment.

Technical requirements criteria, configuration descriptions, and analyses specific to KTS are included in:

Section 1, Introduction, Table of contents

Section 2, System Requirements, which identifies the overall system performance requirements to be met by KTS, and presents models of each prime system function.

Section 3, System Definition, which contains detailed functional schematic block diagrams of the overall system, together with descriptions of individual subsystems and equipment.

Section 4, System Performance: Not available here.


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