These were the Tracking Stations in the network, accomplishing almost the 
same mission as Kodiak Tracking Station A (KTS).  (Hawaii A, B ), (Guam A), 
(New Hampshire A,B) , (Indian Ocean A) , (Greenland A) , and Vandenberg A,B. 

The main difference between the Tracking Stations equipment were, a few  
stations had redundant sides.  HTS A and B (Hawaiian Tracking Station).  

Kodiak Tracking Station (KTS)  was the most desired station to have, because 
of the revolution one capability.  

The Tracking Stations were the only accurate defense we had from the 
Russians. Our Spy Satellites were secrets for years.  Most of our people 
didn't have a clue.  

We commanded the cameras when the Airforce wanted to observe certain objects. 

The antennas used were different at some locations.  A few stations would 
use 46 foot antennas were others would use 60 foot antennas.  There were 
sites with both.
The computers systems were not installed at the Tracking Stations until about 
mid 1964.  Manufacture of the computers was Control Data Corporation. 
(CDC-160A).  The remainder of the computer system equipment was manufactred 
by Philco Ford.  Each side of a site had two computers.  One for telemetry and 
the other for Tracking and Commanding.  Each computer had a memory size of 
48K, yes 48K.  The data line to California was 2400 Bits per second (Bps).  

     *  The CDC computers were changed out in approximately 1966, 1967 for what 
the Airforce called the New Data System. (NDS) The schematic you have is the 
New Data System.

     *  Each side had redundant 1230 mTc, Military Tactical Computers.  Each 
capable of performing Tracking, Telemetry Commanding functions. (T/C)

     *  Memory size was four banks of 16,384 K, total of 65,536K.  The space 
this encompassed was one third of a standard equipment rack

     *  Several years utilizing the 1230 MTC, it was realized the memory 
size was at full capacity. The system had to delete some lesser important 
support functions to obtain 100 % Mission capability.

     *  The 1230MTC was Manufactured for the military by Univac Computer 
Systems.  The military decided the memory capacity was not large enough 
for their expanding needs.  They sold this system to the Airforce for a 
reasonable price.

The deciding factors for de-activating the Station were:

      *  The cost of a new Computer System and associated equipment.   

      *  Expense of operating the station, (Corona was winding down.)

More on the CDC-160A computer:
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