Nov. 26, 1969

ADVENTURESOME SEVEN, this group of LMSC and Emerald Maintenance personnel has seen thousands of miles of Alaska with their motorcycles and motor van. From left to right are Bob Siptrott, Marv Worden, Ray Johnson, Floyd "Chico" Gentis, Fred Voge, Bob Hornell, and John Shoemaker.

The Bachelor Group

The Cape Chiniak bachelors -- in the majority among LMSC personnel on Kodiak Island -- look to different interests. As an example, seven of them teamed up one summer for a tour of Alaska that would be the envy of any office worker bored by daily paper-pushing in the "lower 48."

Complete with three motorcycles and one motor van, the seven departed at 6 a.m. on the ferry TUSTUMENA for the city of Homer. After a 10-hour crossing they debarked -- complete with camping, fishing, and other gear -- for a 2,000 mile trip over Alaskan roads, up to the Arctic Circle and back.

Five of the group are LMSC employees -- Marv Worden, Floyd (Chico) Gentes, John Shoemaker, Bob Siptrott, Fred Voge. The other two -- Bob Hornell and Ray Johnson -- are employed by Emerald Maintenance, one of several contractors providing support activities at Cape Chiniak. (On a later occasion, Marv Worden and Bob Hornell made a similar trip, with the other five of the original seven having to reluctantly remain behind because of work commitments.)

Marv Worden's wife, Kathleen, continued working while Marv was gone with the boys on their trek through the wilds. What did she think of his leaving? "They all had been looking forward to it, and planning for it, for a long time. I'm so glad they finally got to make the trip."

Mrs. Worden readily accepts the frontier life. She and Marv often go picnicking and fishing at Saltery Cove, she riding with him on his motorcycle

PETE SMYTH, manager of LMSC's Chiniak operations, confers with his son John

SUE SMYTH, with daughter Kimberly and son William stack shopping cart with groceries

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