Kodiak Tracking Station

Hi, my name is Bob Siptrott, BubbaSip@aol.com. I'm dedicating this effort to the people that had the most influence on my life, inspiring me to finally write this book. Without the ingredient of each person, this effort I wanted to accomplish, ever since I was at the Tracking Station, would have been impossible.

I could say a few words about each one. That would be impossible. To accuratly describe the five, would be a bigger book than the one I'm writing. Thanks To:

I worked for Lockheed Missile and Space Company, as it was known then, at the Kodiak Tracking Station, from June 1, 1963 through June 1, 1972. I then transferred back to the Mission Control Center Sunnyvale California. I worked on the Corona Project which was recently declassified. I'm 59, retired after 36 years with Lockheed. Now known as Lockheed Martin Corporation. I finally have the time to write a book about...

The Airforce Satellite Control Facility
Kodiak Tracking Station

I might have stayed with my original plan, writing short stories about my time working at the Tracking Station. However I was surfing Crusty Old Joe's web site. Joe mentioned that he was looking for anyone that could fill in some descriptions of the history of the Kodiak Tracking Station. I can provide his request for him. I can accomplish this effort for the following reasons.

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