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Hi Marve, thanks once more for your most enjoyable tunes from the past. I 
will enter this also in the KTS Guest book for all to enjoy.

Could you add a little about the stations, equipment, years of operations, 
employee complement, and mission.  You seem to know more about this station 
than I have seen so far.

I will enter all Fort Greeley information in the Annette and Fort Greeley 
Chapters.  This is now labeled Miscellaneous. This will change in a week, to 
separate chapters for each station. Troops that send me this super 
information will have their names tagged to the information as the authors 
of the various pieces.

Any photos you might have, I can reproduce in my home and send back. You 
could send E mail also.
I was in Kodiak from June 1963 through June 1972. Sunnyvale from then until 
DEC, 1 1997, when I retired I got laid off.  They were doing this to five of 
us old timers because we made to much money and we reached age 55.  Well, 
this had me pissed bad.  I told my supervisor who was a complete jerk, Ken 
Gridly, that I will sue for age discrimination unless I receive the max 
severance package. (27 weeks max) 1.15 hours after I mention this bit of 
information to him, I had it in writing.  I was laid off the Friday after 
Thanksgiving, Dec. 1, 1997.  I filed for retirement after 36 years with 
Lockheed.  The other five decided to Retire.  They received NO severance 
package because of the way they went.  I didn't feel it was my place to 
inform them of what I was up to.  Maybe these dates I present above, might 
indicate why I didn't know of Al.  Thanks again, for all your valuable 
information bob


Subj: RE: WOW, Fort Greeley Correspondence.. 
Date: 4/17/2002 7:35:25 AM Pacific Daylight Time 
From: Marv.Sumner@ONIZUKA.AF.MIL 
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Well, if Bob doesn't remember Al, I sure do -- we worked together, I don't 
know how long in Sunnyvale.  As for Ft. Greeley, I visited there one winter 
in, probably, 1964.  The place was active, working one constellation of 
polar birds using what later came to be known as "bent-pipe" tracking: no 
data processing on site.  Just track & receive, send data south in realtime, 
receive commands from the South & transmit.

Two very memorable events of that trip:

1. There was a dead moose lying just outside the fence -- killed by a bear.  
The site guys wanted to hop the fence & recover the antlers, but the site 
manager said no. The bear was occasionally seen coming back for lunch and 
might enjoy a change of menu: warm techrep in place of cold moose.

2. As we arrived on site, the snow plow had just knocked over a fire hydrant 
and a substantial mountain of ice was rapidly building in the sub-zero 
temperature.  The ice was covering the water shut-off valve, so guys with 
chainsaws were trying to cut a hole to get at the valve.  The effort took 
all day, so the kitchen and bathrooms were out of service for the duration 
of our one-day visit.

Regards to all,
Marv Sumner

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Hi:   AL Lagenour.                         4.16.2002

You name off hand does not sound familiar. No problem, there's thousands of 
SCF/SCN troops I don't know, shame on me. My Web site started out to be for 
Kodiak Tracking Station, KTS. Now anyone that has worked in the past in the 
Satellite Control Facility, (older days), and Satellite Control Network, 
currently, I encourage to write me. I do appreciate very much you sharing 
your prior SCF/N experiences with me. I will have it incorporated into the 
area of the web site talking about Annette and Now more of Fort Greeley. I 
also will have this e mail logged in my guest book  also, for all to enjoy. 

I don't know if you are aware: Philco Tech Reps have a site of their own. 
Most of them, if not all, are the original "Range Rats".

I read an article recently, regarding the Government is going to build a 
missile site somewhere in Fort Greeley, 2004. I guess you are aware, there 
is a Launch Base for the Launch of Com. Birds with Lockheed Boosters on 
Kodiak Island? I will find the Web site if you don't already have it. Please 
send me any photo's you may have of that site or others, and any other items 
of the Range History. You can e mail them or send ! in snail mail to: I have 
facilities in my home, to duplicate, scan, print, copy anything, including 
photos. Thanks for the super information. Bob Siptrott

Bob Siptrott
2672 Red Bud Lane
Yuba City, CA 95993-9360
Thanks so much for the super input.  Bob Siptrott

Subj: Ft. Greeley 
Date: 4/16/2002 6:54:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time 
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Just found your site and was reading the E-mails and seeing a lot of 
familiar names from days past. I never made it to Kodiak, but hit all the 
other sites in my AF, FACC, Loral days.

As a response to Warren's Ft. Greely questions; I was in the AF at the Blue 
Cube about 1979 when I went to Ft. Greely with Bill Shockley (DLM 
manager)and D. K. Jones (DLM Mechanic), to pull old gearboxes out of the 
antenna for use as rebuildable spares for INDI. The antenna was a sister to 
INDI's w/ hydraulics. I was told that the site had been abandoned some 11 
years before.  The Army base commander there told us that the site had been 
used by a "bunch of hippies" one time and they had poked holes in the radome 
and trashed the place.  It sure seemed strange that everywhere we found 
holes punched out of the radome, there was 223 caliber blank shell casings 
laying around (well armed hippies I guess). The Radome (North American I 
think) was amazingly still sound considering 11 years of neglect, three foot 
holes cut out around the base ring, and one hell of a wind blowing through.

Anyway, we slid around in some pretty rancid hydraulic fluid that had been 
tracked all over the place by the soldiers playing war games. We pulled 
several pieces of hardware and shipped back to Sunnyvale.  I think that 
shortly after our visit, a local contractor got the salvage rights to chop 
everthing up.

Somewhere in my tons of pictures I have photos of the site and our trip. If 
this of interest to anyone I can probably find them and scan them. I used to 
keep one picture in my desk just to play "Name the RTS" with some Range 

Sure would be nice to have a Website like your's for the whole AFSCF/AFSCN
RTS. How about "RANGE RATS R US"

AL Lagenour
Creatively Unemployed

Has been/used to be:

AF:    SAMSO        SAFSP Comm.
Blue Cube    Range Maintenance Manager

NSP:    IRAN Team Chief
ESMC:    DTF/NDL Manager
Tech Advisor, RTS Site Integration
Supervisor, Network Integration