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The AIRPORT area was the original Navy and Army airfield built circa 1940. It is now operated by the State of Alaska. Several old military structures within the airport secure perimeter will be described on this page.

AUW Compound

This was a heavily guarded weapons storage compound. It is called the Advanced Underwater Weapons shop on some references. The best information we have says it stored nuclear warheads for torpedos.

First 2 images from Library of Congress. Taken October 1984 by James Stuhler, USACE.

Next 6 images by Joe Stevens 1998.

Building 585
Architectural Data Form

Building 456

This was called the CRASH hangar. It housed both Navy and Coast Guard crash response crews. The building was demolished in 1999. Our museum has a number of articles salvaged from this demolition. These photos were processed on April 11, 1999. They are in box A, plastic bag 19 at my house. Jerry Dietz was there in 1961-1962.

Building 99, warehouse

One of the few (only?) remaining examples of a standard warehouse design. The navy used it for practice bomb storage. It is currently used by the state for sign storage. 3029 square feet. More photos in box A, plastic bag 19.

Large plan of runways found in building 456. (Labels not on original.)

Bob Leonard photos during 1956-1957 while flying in P2V-7s. Note the absence of the AUW compound shown above. Building 456 is visible near the mouth of the river. The GCA site is present at the junction of 7-25 and 11-29. Runway 7-25 does extend beyond the Devils Creek culvert. The modern day terminal area does not yet exist. The mouth of the Buskin River is very close to the approach end of runway 18 as it was originally.

Dan Jessup Photos, 1950


Note that there are no taxiways. Runway 7-25 stops at Devils Creek.

Navy base from 9000 feet

Runway 18

Runway 25

Runway 28

Runway 36

2009 January 1


Itís circa 1965 and it looks like an HU-16 just landed on Runway 25 and a P2-V ready for takeoff on Runway 10 (I think it was) That aircraft looks too small to be a PNA Connie or the station C-54. Regards, Ed Yess edw121 at [received in email 25November 2009]

Modern Kodiak Island Airports

Kodiak Island

ADQ-a Kodiak Oblique West
ADQ-b Kodiak Oblique Northeast
ADQ-c Kodiak Overhead
AKK-a Akhiok Oblique Southwest
AKK-b Akhiok Oblique Southeast
KDK-a Kodiak Municipal Oblique South
KDK-b Kodiak Municipal Oblique West
KDK-c Kodiak Municipal Overhead
KYK-a Karluk Oblique West
KYK-b Karluk Oblique South
KYK-c Karluk Overhead

Kodiak Island

ORI-a Port Lions Oblique South
ORI-b Port Lions Oblique East
ORI-c Port Lions Overhead
2A3-a Larsen Bay Overhead
2A3-b Larsen Bay Oblique Northeast
2A3-c Larsen Bay Oblique Southeast
4K5-a Ouzinkie Oblique Northeast
4K5-b Ouzinkie Oblique East
4K5-c Ouzinkie Overhead
6R7-a Old Harbor Oblique West
6R7-b Old Harbor Oblique North
6R7-c Old Harbor Overhead

These images are courtesy of the FAA at

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