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John Slusser, 79th Construction Battalion


79th Basic Gulfport 1


79th Basic Gulfport 2
Inscription on Back of Photo
Gulfport, Miss. 1943


79th Basic Gulfport 3
Inscription on Back of Photo
The chow line. It looks much longer than that when you are in it.
John Branton "Put the buttsis in the buttsis box" in the foreground.
I am barely discernable in the back ground wearing a khaki coat, overseas cap, hands in pockets of coat.
John Slusser


79th Basic Gulfport 4


79th Crew Kodiak
John L. Slusser is in the bottom row, 4th from left


79th Officers Kodiak
John L. Slusser is in the second row up from the bottom, 6th from left.


79th Pipeline Crew Kodiak 1943 - 44
Inscription on Back of Photo
Left to Right

Bottom Row
Standhardt	(Dutch)		Cement Finisher
Newhouse	(Simon Legree)	Foreman
McKanna		(Mac)		Foreman
Ens. Dean	(Papa)		Engineer in Charge
Lt. Sharp			Construction Supervisor
Slusser		(Leaky Pipe)	Chief
Rathjen		(Barney)	Foreman
Icauelto	(Ike)		Caulker
Long		(Rebel)		Laborer

Middle Row
Lang				Oiler & Sub Operator
Danielson	(Danny)		Operator
Doyon				Mechanic
Schrieber			SK Lab. & Carpenter
Fulcher				Mechanic & Sub Foreman
Koslowski			Lab
Phelps				Dozer
Bartoldo			Driver
Poirier				Driver
Reams				Powder Monkey
Nevers		(Chief Ugh)	Mechanic & Carpenter

Top Row
Johnsson	(Yumper)	Carpenter
Gomez		(Blakie)	Pipe Layer
Burnet				Powder Monkey
Neilson				Welder
Clark				Driver
Schafer				Driver
Leahy				SK. Lab
Ray		(Hound Dog)	Operator
Wilson				Welder
Johnson				Welder
Brown				Operator

Wisnac				Dozer	
Zaisser				Dozer
Wennerstrom			Oiler
Jones				Oiler
Holtz				Lab.	
Wilson				Lab.
Rutherford	(Ridge Runner)	Foreman
Coan				Carpenter
Driscoll			Carpenter
Fantini				Foreman
Narsissian			Lab.
Crowder				Side Beam Cat.

Friedrich Karl Johann Taake 1904 - 1996

From an album for sale on Ebay (item 390279196175 1/15/2011):
Anthony Genovese of the 79th Sea Bees stationed in Kodiak Alaska from May 10 1943 on.

Allen C. Tompkins, 79th Construction Battalion

History of the 79th NCB

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